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NKOTB's Super Simple Second Grow - PS Dwarf Star


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Well, it's that time again. Buds from my 1st grow were a true crowd-pleaser but I only pulled 2 ounces from the 2 plants. A few things have changed since my last harvest.

First, I invested in a new light. Black Diamond Perfect Sun Dwarf Star 230 actual watt LED for the entire grow. This run will be 1 auto Northern Lights by Vision Seeds 20 on/4 off in my tight 2x2x4 tent. Coco/perlite in ~2 gallon hempy pot.

Soaking in a cup of water for 12-24 hrs, into a moist paper towel then into a 4" rockwool cube.

Nutes will be GH Micro-Bloom in Lucas Formula. Tap water.

With the light on, tent closed, no fans or any air movement, temps reached 90 F or 32 C. Temps shouldn't be a problem with the 6" inline fan and carbon filter.

I'll update this journal every Friday, once a week.

Simple :Namaste:

Stinky Snid

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Simple... Glad your sharing this next grow. I enjoyed the first. Same game different name... Git er' dun. :thumb:
Good luck on this one, I'll be watching.

KiG :green_heart:cheers


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Ill follow along as im hoping to grab a dwarf star myself. Be nice to see your results.

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Welcome abroad folks.

I ended up throwing the bean into a cup of reclaimed coco/perlite after soaking it for 24 hrs. No paper towel this time and didn't feel like soaking rockwool. Right now the cup is sitting under 65w & 68w CFLs for warmth.


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Officially day 2 (above ground). Pic sucks ass. My head is pounding but drug test tomorrow.

9/30 dropped in a cup of tap water
10/1 seed planted in non-pH tap water rinsed coco/perlite 3 gallon nursery pot
10/5 Sprout
10/6 water the pot with a 1 gallon of 5.8 pH water + 1 tsp CaliMagic + 1/4 tsp SuperThrive (I was suppose to do this first lol)

Never used SuperThrive before but figured why not give it a try. This is my first time with an auto, hoping for the best. Abandon the hempy for a plain ol 3 gal nursery pot. I wanted to use something bigger than 2 gal but couldn't find any plain buckets at our big box stores.


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This isn't really an important update I just want to say that I'm falling in love with this perfect sun Dwarf star. The light sits almost 4 feet away right now and there's no stretch at all. My last grow I used CFLs 2-3 inches away and this looks the same.

I also want ahead and dropped a photoperiod feminized Blue Power by Vision Seeds; it's sitting in rockwool right now under the bottom half of a water gallon jug. BP will be vegged for the entire duration of the auto NL grow. Just waiting for it to pop. .


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NL day 13. Everything is pretty uneventful, just how I like it. Watered til runoff for the first time with 1/4 strength 6-9 formula

BP has popped and is still tall. Will have an update on that babe soon


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Funny story, the morning after I posted about this being an uneventful grow, I peek in the closet to find both girls toppled over. Had them balancing on some boxes and the water weight must have made one side heavier than the other. I nearly had a heart attack but we're all good now.

The wife was complaining of the bright light coming from our alien closet at night and did not support the idea of me cutting vent holes into the walls so the 2x2x4 tent has been brought out of retirement. I'm just guessing when I say the light is about 2 feet away from canopy but NL auto seems to love it!

BP was started in rockwool that I buried in 1 gallon pot of coco. She's about 5 days old judging from my last entry, I haven't actually been counting.

Here are the ladies in their new home. NL auto will start getting ponytail trained tomorrow.



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I apologize for the late replies, just getting to a computer. Trying to reply from my phone is a pain.

So happy to find you here on the forums. I'm looking forward to this grow!
Oooh stop it. You're making me bush :8:

Welcome to my lil sliver of cyber grow space. Enjoy.

Looking good over here NK!

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That seedling is looking good man, she's almost as old as mine
Thanks man. I'm more excited for this Blue Power than the NL auto. They've both been getting the same nutes, mainly bc I'm lazy but no ill effects yet so I shall continue

Thank Shiggs for sharing this in his thread. I am on for the ride.
Thanks for the sub bro. Like 75% of everything I'm doing I learned from you.


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Because we're all really only here for pics :36:. Had a week of outside temps hitting 90 F but Fall, and the cool air, has returned so my temps should be good from here on out.

NL - 19 days. First time giving a ponytail


BP - 7 days


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Raised the light as high as it can possibly go, and bent NL over to start LST. 24" light to plant is the max I can do in this tent with 3 gal pot.

Not particularly feeling the genetics of this auto. Starting to get burnt tips with 5-10 micro-bloom GH Lucas formula. Didn't have that problem last grow or with the BP
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