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NL#5 x Haze 18/6 or 12/12 need youer opinion please


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i been growing for a few years and when i am in veg i give 18/6 of light and olso when i go to flowering 18/6 .
i grow now NL#5 x Haze and i heve a problem she in week 5 in flowering and didnt start to show any sign of bud.
she in soil and the ph and the temp and the humidity and the fertilization are all good .
she big 1.80 cm tall.
big fan life and nice branch.
i move from 18/6 to 12/12 after i understand thet it will help to her to start flowering buding.
in all my grow before i give 18/6 of light and they all grow and start to bud and flower like they supposed to. and like in the site of the seedbank.
whats the problem now ?
i start to think on new grow instead of this one .new seed new plant new grow or to give her chance ?


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when flowering use the 12/12 cycle............
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