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NL plant stopped growing - pics

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Everything went fine for a week or so, then is stopped growing.

I germinated seed, put in the pot and pot was put in sunlight near the window. That's what i always do. After two weeks it was moved to grow room with led grow lights on 18h cycle, because days in my location are getting short. That has not changed anything - till the same looks. Maybe little taller, but that's all.

It's been like that for two weeks right now.

The other plant - super skunk clone has gone through all the same and is doing great.

Something i can do to fix this?

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Seedlings do not do well at all under led lights. Multiple people have had issues growing seedlings under led lights. Try getting some cfl lights until the plant gets bigger then it should do fine under led lights. It will continue to stretch and not grow if you don't switch. Also you need to check ph of soil. And no nutrients until 4th true set of leaves. Also you may want to provide more info on your grow like the type of soil, ph, temps, and rh. There is a sticky on the FAQ page on how to ask for support. Copy and paste and answer the questions. It will help us help you lol
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where did the pic went? here it is again -

Soil - Called Universal greenhouse soil (tomatos, cucumbers etc.) + perlite

No extra nutrients

Very little and timely watering

I get ph tester asasp.

Ok hen, moving to cfl lights for next cycle, clone is doing fine under led grow light.
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Never heard of that soil. Most soil you buy at home depot and such has slow release nutrients in them which is bad for canabis. Maybe someone more experienced with Soil can chime in. But try switching to cfl lights for a bit. If you still have problems I would consider a different soil. That's if your ph is right as well. You should consider a grow journal. People will help along the way and I'll get to see how the northern light turns out haha
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i water it twice week, small dosages - 3 tee spoons of clean water on a side. just trying to mimic what worked for my superskunk grow. it's also covered with plastic bag so there is some humidity inside.

well LED is locally made - for growing plants indoors, no specific brand. 13W, 1200lm, blue 460nm + red 620nm. my superskunk clone is loving this led light. skyrocketed after i put those two together.

i moved stalled NL plant to FL room today. will see what happens.

i have to agree with dank daisy - plant has stretched a lot under LED lights, also there is some tiny leaf development but not nearly enough for plant of this age of course.

thank you all for info and i post updates when there are any.


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Ok the watering schedule actually sounds great. most people tend to over water early on (Myself included).
Make sure humidity doesn't exceed 60-70% in Veg, and 40-50% in Flower.

Ok the LED sounds like it's low on wattage to use as the main source of lighting. 13 watts is low on output. Can you put a couple CFLs over it, and skip the LED for right now? Seedlings can be picky about LEDs. Next up, if you plan to grow with LEDs, I would suggest a new model to replace your current light. Our sponsors: Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ® Carry LEDs to fit every budget. They start around $75 and go up to $1200 if I remember correctly. All different sizes, features, etc... You will definitely be able to find a quality light with one of them. You can also search the light or manufacturer on the forum and see people actually growing with it.
I just bought one myself, $105 shipped. 100 total LEDs, 3 waatt diodes. 150-170 watt draw. Cut my power bill in half over CFLs.

The stretch under the LED in Veg is likely due to the lack of intensity, you'll need to get some more output to really get the most out of your plants.
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Sorry for delayed replay.

I decided to pull plug on NL plant as almost moth had resulted in what you see in pictures. Since i have more seeds and i plan to do only one at the time - i think it makes no sense to keep plant that's going nowhere. In summer outside - who cares, but indoors it all costs right? It was just a bad project from a get go - wrong soil, messed up light cycles and sources of light etc.

So i started from scratch and this time tried to do all the right things. Right soil - bio humus PH 6,5 tomato soil + perlite + those weightless rocks i can recall the name in english. Very light and "loose" soil... what it always should have been.

So project SH#9 is a go :)

Seed is germinated, inside the pot and had broken out of the soil in less then day. Now we are talking :)

As for now lightning is provided by 2x36w osram cold daylight fluorescent bulbs. It is my understanding that should be enough for a moment.

Big question is what and how to do next lightning-wise. Add more FL bulbs + some more LED grow lights and hope they deliver? Or just get that Son Agro HPS setup and call it a day?

Feeding the plant when time comes is also new thing for me but there is a lot of info out there on this topic i am reading and learning.

That little fella was probably putting its roots down,I had that with my nl on my last grow,albeit it was under a tube,but then I've grown seedlings in an old shed before with no probs,it's a jungle out there!,by the way my NL is smoking sweet,good luck man..
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maybe, we never know now. however new SH#9 grow is in the exact same place now in two f'n days. yes man in summer it's all cool - keep the plants til they rot or whatever... but this one needed go to be replaced by other plant. as i said - plan to have one and one only plant indoors.
maybe, we never know now. however new SH#9 grow is in the exact same place now in two f'n days. yes man in summer it's all cool - keep the plants til they rot or whatever... but this one needed go to be replaced by other plant. as i said - plan to have one and one only plant indoors.
Nice words,it's all a bit random,the weather here stops growing anything decent ,so I'm indoors ,just three at a time,does me.
Good luck with your weed man.
What's SH?
I try not to give up on plants, often there's a lot you can learn from them, even if you only keep it going as a side project.

Those bulbs will be plenty, and actually more than what you'd need. I only run 1-2 CFLS over my seedlings, depending on how big they are at the time. Just make sure your light is about 2" away from the plant to prevent stretching, and burning.

Those 3 bulbs should be find until you need to switch to LED. What is the rated power on your LED?

And those weightless rocks I think you are talking about Perlite.

You might also find a lot of helpful information in here: http://www.420magazine.com/forums/h...-grow-marijuana-everything-you-need-know.html
I'm on my third grow, and I still go back to read things from that page. It's a wealth of information, and definitely worth bookmarking.
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SH is Silver Haze by sensi seeds.

The bubbly lightweight stuff i meant was ceramsite.

Power draw by my LED is 13w. Cool thing is that i can create my own layout. So... 4xLED + FL bulbs?

It says 460nm + 660nm waves, 4 for blue and 8 for red.

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If that is the standard screw in type bulb and not a specialty item for growing, it will not have what the plant needs to grow properly.
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yes, descent output will require more of those lamps - so i will probably get that HPS lamp for later grow stage and call it a day - those are fairly cheap and available here in EU.

yeah i know big led grow lights have more spectrum, but i will loosely quote you an old book on indoors gardening - "photosynthesis peak point is located on two wavelengths - 470 nm (blue) and 660 nm (red)". always trust more guy with doctorate :D

also, i had a little chat with owner ow the led store - he said, comparing different sources of light can be done only by lumens and not by watts. so 250W HPS lamp is 35,000 lm... is there even a competition here?
You might want to think about it before buying HPS from him.

HPS will produce a lot of heat in your grow. This means more power costs to run the light. You will need to increase ventilation, which means buying more fans, and running those fans will cost you more money.

For the cost of that HPS you can buy an LED that will do the same thing, with less heat, less need to buy more/bigger fans, and less cost for electricity.

How much is this light he wants to sell you, and what is included?

Sponsors with quality lights: Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ®
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He wants to sell me LED's, he is the guy who's selling LED's so HPS is my own initiative. LED's from 420 sponsors look great but the shipping the time... and initial price is too high for my level of growing. I suck at growing :)

I have a privilege to have all room for growing - so some heat from lamp is ok, i will adjust central heating system accordingly to reach needed levels.

I pay constant electricity fee so HPS power draw is not a big concern - it will not push me over the limit.
I suck at growing too lol. I'm only on my third grow, and I picked up a good light from a sponsor.

Buying those screw in lights just doesn't seem like they'll be much different from growing with CFLs.

I know the sponsor TopLED has a warehouse located in UK for faster shipping time. Initial price isn't much. Their lights start at about 78 Euro. Just some things to consider before making a big purchase.