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No Link Found Between Cannabis And Death

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Although cannabis is not harmless, it does not appear to increase mortality. As some of the restrictions on the use cannabis are removed in the UK, questions are inevitably raised over its potential health hazards.

Two large studies, discussed in the British Medical Journal, showed no link between cannabis use and death. This may be because cannabis does not involve as much exposure to smoke as tobacco does. Existing studies show no increase in heart disease that can be linked with cannabis.

However, there isn't yet any real research into the impact of cannabis use in the long term. Many people use it when they are young and then give up (unlike with tobacco and alcohol, where use is often lifelong). We don't know what the impact might be if it were more socially acceptable to use cannabis and perhaps people started to use it long term. Common sense dictates that teenagers should be discouraged from cannabis use, it should not be used when driving or operating machinery and excessive use, as with most things, is probably not a good idea.

Source: No link found between cannabis and death | HealthandAge – Medical Articles and News for Health in Aging > Live Well, Live Longer
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