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No Mayoral Signature on New Pot Rules

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The City Council's restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries will take effect without the signature of Mayor Jerry Sanders, a spokeswoman said Monday.

Sanders has elected not to sign – or veto – the pair of ordinances approved by the council April 12, spokeswoman Rachel Laing said. The rules are expected to become law next month.

"We didn't veto it, and we didn't sign it, which just means that it goes into effect," Laing said. She did not explain why the mayor took no action.

Ordinances become a "legislative act" 10 business days after crossing the mayor's desk, City Clerk Liz Maland said.

This means people who are pursuing a referendum have 30 days from Thursday to gather 31,029 valid signatures from registered voters to qualify a measure, Maland said.

She added that her office has been approached by those planning a referendum.

Under the new restrictions, the city's estimated 165 medical marijuana dispensaries would have to shut down and apply for operating permits. Collectives would be limited to some commercial and industrial zones and at least 600 feet from one another as well as schools, playgrounds, libraries, child care and youth facilities, parks and churches.

They also must operate as nonprofits, have curtailed business hours and hire security guards.

On Monday, Laing also said the Mayor's Office was still working to produce a plan that tasks various city departments with oversight of the permitting process, compliance and enforcement.

"The numbers are being run right now in terms of how we would actually recover the costs," Laing said. "Then, we'll have to pick a method."

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