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No smoke?


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Whenever I smoke my bowl I light up take a large hit, cherry it usually. I then blow out after about 5 second of holding it in and there is no smoke. Whats up with that? But when I make a bong with a bottle and my bowl I can always see all the smoke. I'm just wondering. I always get high though thats awesome:rasta:


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It's the weed....relax....nah IDK what your talking about...eh....*inhale* whatever *exhale*...hehe...


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ghost hits are spooooky, getting high but no smoke. Had a few, ghost bong hits I've actually done, longer breath holding tho.

MR sHibbZ

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no smoke? I've never heard that before...pretty weird. But hey, if you're gettin high, fuck it! keep smokin!


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I never called them ghost hits lol my friends and I call them no hits when you get one you have to take another till you get smoke.


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yeah I've done that pull in all that smoke and hold it end up swallowing or something and nothing comes out. It usually happens to me when I'm taking a picture trying to outdo myself and get nothing but BLASTED
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