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NobleWeed's AK47 in Soil


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I am running FloraGrow and FF GrowBig. ~650ppm @ 6.2PH should i push the nuits up more?

The choice is up to you if you want to feed more aggressively, but they are looking good. I don't see any signs of deficiencies. U can up it a bit and see how they react tho ;)


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Ok here is my new set up. I took the two flowering girls out of the 3X3 tent. I also decided to flower my 6 girls in my Deep Water Culture system so and try to minimize there stretching. I have read a lot of other grow journals using DWC and i think if i veg them anymore i wont be able to control there size.

I put my MOM and my other two plants in the 3X3 tent and am using my 4X4 tent for storage until i start my next crop.

What do you guys think is wrong with this leaf? I think it might be nuit burn but im not shure. This is the only leaf like this in the DWC.

And a root shot.

Here is my latest Bud porn. Looks like this all over the plants in flower.

And last here are the two systems i have I might use. Don't know witch one to go with though. They are both aroponic and they both fit in my 4X4 tent.

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Need to make more clones so I'm going to try my hand at rock wool.
Never had any luck with the stuff but i have some and other ppl have
had good results with it. I socked it in 5.5Ph with some nuits for a few
hours and used cloning jell on all the clones. They are sitting in a
humidity dome in the 3X3 tent. I also used 2 jiffy plugs just to make sure
that i have some viable clones.

Here is one of the colas developing.
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Aww, they're so cute when they're little.

And sexy when they mature, lol.


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That's quite a "gun" you got there bro. I bet after it's cured it blows quite a few people away, lol.
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