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Nobody's COB Perpetual: Various Strains & Some Edible Fun At Times In A Tiny Tent


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AK47 (A) - Day 56
White Widow (PFem) - Day 19
HSO Raspberry Diesel - in soil, doubtful
HSO og kush (A) - soak

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I really dislike TV (never really had one growing up) and I don't really admire the lifestyle of those who need 4 hours of fox or cnn a day. I did watch the original Twin Peaks when it was out, and am revisiting the new one. Anyway. I freaking LOVE music and radio and am always playing something random usually on vinyl or R2R. So I will list what's playing on updates. Yea, I am a music/audio nerd.

I've decided on a perpetual thread, as this constantly changing strains and my attempts at sprouting unsexed photos for clones....well stuff changes fast.

I generally grow in amended soil, it's 3 bags of Roots Organic, about 10# blood and bone meal, 20# of earthworm casting, some perlite, rinsed coco (touch), and about 8 other 'au natural' amendments. Bottom line, it's hot. I cook it in rubbermaid troughs outside (covered). It grows plants slightly slower, but I have found a bit of a margin of error with the soil and using fert. I barely need an N added.

Lighting is by 4 cit cobs by Timber in 3500K in the bloom/veg tent. I also have a couple red cobs if I want to use those for bloom ever:
Model 2TS

I also have a single 4K vero for veg/clones, it's in route here from Timber:

Tent is a 7' gorilla grow, 6" fan vented to crawlspace vent. I use a variety of nutes from fox farms, botanicare, and roots organic.

So currently we have an AK47 Auto, about halfway there. Today I gave it a mix of 1ml seaplex, 2ml of pure blend pro, and about a .25 ml of Pro-tekt. This think has giant fan leaves, I have been cutting them away to get light to the bud sites, currently we have 11 sites on this plant, I may MAY remove the two lower sites-took about 1/3 of the greenery off. I bent them around about 45 degrees and staked them in place with BBQ kabobs so light could get to them.

I also have a White Widow that was transplanted into it's final container today. I plan to clone this plant. I though it was a little early to transplant, but the plant was not really draining correctly in it's little plastic wonder.

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I thought the whole idea of making your own soil is that you didn't need nutrients! And that bathtub is sparkling o_O.
Well, yeah, one of the previous runs was pretty light nutrient, but Ca/MG and P-K and a touch of N help.

The pure blend pro is 1-5-4, and the color of the solution allows for easy pH for those of us who titrate and don't use batteries to test pH.

Oh yeah, I am also 48 hours into a tolerance break. Sitting in said clean tub and huffing some weed smells from the jars...lol. Hoping to make it to next Wednesday.


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AK47 (A) - Day 57
White Widow (PFem) - Day 20
HSO Raspberry Diesel (PFem) - Day 1
HSO og Kush (A) - soak

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Welcome Big Sparks and I am happy to see Master found the new thread!

Peeked into the tent this morning and was greeted by the tiny HSO Raspberry Diesel. It's barely peeking out of the seed starter, I moistened the surface with some Pro-Tekt spray. Seedhead is still under the soil but it's a portion of the leaves we are seeing. So this is excellent news. I will have two PFems to clone.

AK is looking more female lately, I generally think AK are pretty compact plants, and this one looks pretty leaf wise, but I really don't see how it's going to support much, but that is what the stretch is for.

The WW already looks better in real soil vs seed starter. Seed starter is fine, but it's pretty neutral, real soil helps.


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Yeah, pretty exciting for me. The HSO R. Diesel seed looked as tiny as a little basil seed, about 1/3 size of a regular seed.

Small seeds wig me out.

I needed some weed smell so I pulled the AK and whipped a few more lower larfy spots off. Felt pretty light to the touch so I decided to give it a liter with 1ml Ca/Mg, 1ml seaplex kelp pH to slightly under 6.5.

I have done a few applications of the seaplex, and I like it. Plants leaves seem a bit more even in color and condition.

I am thinking when the new light from timber gets here, I will move the two little ones outside of the tent to veg and flip the lights to 12 for the AK. It's 107 and 68rh outside now (tired of fighting temps), and I think this plant has most of it's growning behind it. I feel like my past autos I have kinda let them do there on thing at 18 hours, that is fine, but I feel like I end up with a dead plant as soon as the buds are clear. Trying to be more aggressive to flower and hopefully we can go into bloom a touch earlier.

Listening to this classic piece of music right now, one of the best teenage songs ever...remember it from being a young skaterat.

I go, "Mom, just get me a Pepsi, please? All I want's a Pepsi"
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I get that. On my commute I see plants that look like enormous cannabis plants with huge buds. Even bigger than Van Stank's!
Well, there are some apartments near our house, and there is an 8 ft tall sativa on one of the 2nd floor balconies, been there everytime I drive by it. It looks very nice (I have a pair of steiners in the truck).

And I am not in colorado.


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How many days before I can peak at the rapid rooter without jinxing the entire operation?
Man, I have only done it once. White stuff was showing well 9/15 for me. But my plant was 100 days old the cuttings were taken from, so that could have something to do with it.

Si for a few times in mist...keep em damp after that is all I did, cover at night. After 2/3 days I left them uncovered most of the day.
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