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Noob from Pakistan


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Hi all,

I'm from Pakistan and never ever thought of growing myself as i can get my hands on bestest high quality Afghani hash for as low 40$ an ounce

That being said, now I'm looking forward to grow my own marijuana strains for fun and recreation. feeling very very confused after going through 100s of advises and methods online but you never know if you dont try! :lot-o-toke:

excellent helpful stuff on :420: has made me register here!



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Hello and welcome! Get ready for hours and hours of reading posts :nomo:
As far as growing goes, I think it's best to start with something simple and build up from there once you're comfortable. The FAQ section is probably the best place to get advice on how to get started. And when you do start growing, start a journal. There are a lot of helpful and experienced people on here.
See you around the threads! :peace2:

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thanks Snidrajsed and Rifleman!

trying to get +speed auto and devil cream auto seeds.. will be needing of lot of help and support then ;)
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