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Hi y'all,

Going to need some serious hand holding after reading so much information that my head is spinning, and not in a good way. I will try to keep my grow as simple as possible since it is just for personal use and won't need extreme yields.

I am in my forties and finally tired of buying crap and not knowing what I am getting.

I think that I have most of the ingredients: place, equipment, seed, time, and patience. Now I need some luck and probably some help from you experts.



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Welcome to 420magazine! Don't worry about the head spinning that happens to us all ;) It seems over whelming but in reality, there's not too much to it beside some basic principles. Have fun, be safe, and peruse around, journal section has tons of past grows done by new and advanced growers. If you have any questions post them up, we'll answer them as best we can.



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check this out,,,,, tons of info... 420 Magazine ®
even after growing for years, i refer back to this... good luck..
must be that short term memory loss....

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