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Noob Need A Couple Questions Answered on designing grow box


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I'v been reading through the forums for a couple months now, and iv finally decided to save my own money by growing my own weed! I'm very exited to get started!! I do not want to start out too big, and i really want to make this a learning experience! I will be using a small grow box that i am currently designing out of an old nightstand.

The Box is 16 1/2" Wide x 10" Deep x 21" Tall Made from an old nightstand.
1) How Many Fans Should i use for Intake/Exhaust ( i was planning on using x1 120mm Pc fan for exhaust, and 2x 120mm For intake)
2)What type of lighting should of go with and how many would i need for this amount of space

Any Help would be nice Ty


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re: Noob - Need A Couple Questions Answered on designing grow box

Hey MiddleDigit up,

:welcome: to this friendly community.

I would personaly reccomend to get a the quitest cheep extractor fan, and then just have passive intakes. It works really well for me.
The thing with PC fans is the are alright to blow air about but will not create enough air exchange in your space. Especialy if you use CFL in there.

CFL will work great in that space but if you got the money go for led cheaper to run cooler temps and better product. So that all depends on cash.
There are some good forums you should check out that have alot better/wiser people than me.

Max's PC Grow Box Journal - 2013
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These should help you out

Peace out


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re: Noob - Need A Couple Questions Answered on designing grow box


This is what i will be converting!
And Were is a good place to get an extractor fan?
Also, What should i line the inside with?


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Re: Noob - Need A Couple Questions Answered on designing grow box

That will be cool,
again depends on your budget and what you got lieing around be creative.
You could line the insides with cardboard, paint the cardboard white and cover with mylar space blankets.
You could use wood to do the same thing.
You could cover with black light proof material, and make the inside walls out of a wind screen reflective light shade.

You can buy them all over hardware shops, online, dunno where your from so hard to say just search 100mm extractor fan that will have 4 inch fan in it, or similar.

The importiant things to get right in my opinion are

to get the space as light tight as possiable
to have good ventilation

Nothing is set in stone, if you look through the grows on here ever one has adapted to there situation.


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Re: *NooB* Need A Couple Questions Answered on designing grow box

Hi, Ty
Welcome to :420:

It's ok not wanting to start too big, however this doesn't mean going too small either, you have to remember that the less you put into it the less you'll eventually get.

That being said, I believe you need to build something a little bigger; for one plant to get a decent amount, i.e., one that's worth the effort, I'd go with a space at least 25x25x50, although the height required will depend on both the lightning and irrigation system you choose.

I went all in the first time around and it paid off, all my investment was paid with the first harvest, and them some.

But that's just me and I was willing to take my chances. If you want to play it safe until you learn to do it right, I'd still recommend going for something a little bigger.

If you insist on your current project:
Fans: You can use as many as you want, you just have to try not to blow it directly to the plants, since they'll be very small in that space, you can damage them from a strong wind. Anyway, I recommend having more exhaust power and less intake,
Lights: you don't have many options as you can't really fit much in there, you have to take into account size of pots+height of plant+distance from top of plant to light bulb+size of lightning array+distance to top. divide the 21" into all that and you'll see that you have an inadequate space.
I'd go for a single CFL in there as more will cause too much heat.

So that's my opinion. Good luck!


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High n welcome! I would have to agree with Rodrigo on making it a bit bigger. 2x2x4 ft is good for 1 plant. U definetly wantto get a indica strain since height is a issue. Remember, once u switch to flowering she'll about double in height when shes done flowering. If u stil want to do ur grow box then i would follow Rodrigo's suggestion.
Basic set ups are usually: intake fan near the bottom, exhaust fan near te top, a fan to circulate the air inside the grow room, lights on top, temp/humidity guage in room (perferably one that reads the high andlow).

My 1st grow box was 36x18x48" and i had 2 plants in there. Plentyofro whenthey were 6" but whenthe got to 12" it was getting crowded and i had problems when they were flowering due to lack of space. I woud strongly encourage u to build to build it a bit bgger so u can get a decent harvest. I think my 1st harvest in that grow box was a oz from 2 plants. Again due to space restrictions i had to do a alot of trimming to keep them low enough from the light so they wouldnt burn.
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