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Honestly, I've heard mixed reviews for them. I think it really depends how much of a DIY guy you are.

The only people I see not liking them are people are very hands-on and enjoy making things themselves. Which is understandable.

We also sell their equipment plus more. Feel free to reach out to us if you need help selecting equipment whether it be the grow cabinet or grow tents.


Stealth, LED Grow Cabinets for Indoor Grow Rooms


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Just looking for something to keep myself supplied. Not sure if the little box is to small.. I also need something noob friendly. Wondering how many plants can grow in the Superbox?


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For the $800 you would spend on that grow box, you might want to consider buying a complete tent kit from Advanced Gardening for Indoor Hydroponic Grow Rooms and Organic Greenhouses There's a ton of sizes available, and they come in kits, meaning you get more for your money.

This is the same price: 3x3 Gold Grow Tent Package

You get a nice tent, 400w ballast, air cooled reflector (needed for tents with HPS/MH bulbs!), you get a bulb for Veg, and the bulb for FLowering, Dual outlet timer, The light hangers, a hygrometer (Very necessary for a sucessful grow!), A carbon filter to control the smell, a fan to move all the air, ducting, foil tape, and a fan for circulation.

Dude.. the only thing you don't get is your grow medium, seeds/clones, nutrients, and I think containers too.

The tents take all the guesswork out of picking out growing equipment, and they get you growing faster.

There are even kits for LESS $, so you can save $ while getting all the equipment you need.


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Grow Closet | Hydroponic Grow Systems | Grow Boxes | Indoor Grow Kits

I'm interested in something like this.. Is it worth the $$ for it.. I need small/stealth and lowkey

I’ll give you an honest rundown as an owner of a SuperCloset SuperBox. Mind you, I’m pretty critical of things I drop a lot of money on and someone’s word. I’m quick to point out issues and usually don’t offer praise unless I’m really impressed.

SuperCloset SuperBox

Found it after researching and reviewing a number of resources. Site was nice, had good flow and I was looking for an affordable but stealthy grow box. Their reviews and customer service is what sold me.

Arrived about a month later. Upon unboxing the unit was significantly damaged (large/major dent on the corners causing deformation and mishapen holes for cords, etc. while not directly SuperCloset’s fault this was more time and effort that had to go to waste.

Called numerous times, could never get a human being to answer. No call back.

Emailed and finally got a response. Once I was able to speak with a representative they couldn’t do enough to help me. They went above and beyond and were in constant contact and had another box shipped to me within a week.

Unboxing contents: for some reason, despite their QA checks a TON of equipment was missing. Not sure how this happens. Was missing a number of things which I can list later when I review contents. Again, notified my contact rep and he had it addressed and on the way in short order.

No instructions were included in the unit, this befuddled me beyond belief. Again, contact customer service and it was quickly handled.

The unit seems to be well built, small, inconspicuous and (normally) comes with everything you need to get up and running from seedlings to harvest.

- small, inconspicuous, lockable. Appears well made.
- (Should) come with everything you need to get up and running from seedling to harvest. This wasn’t my case but I’m confident the company will address
- the air stones I’d received were these long, blue stone, one of which was broken. At this point I’m tired of talking to a customer service rep every day or multiple times a day.
- the employee I dealt with, Matt, was awesome. This guy loves his job, is knowledgable, dedicated to his job and his customers. Takes it to a personal level and made sure everything was made right. This guy was aces and I hope it doesn’t go unrecognized by his management.
- unit is pre rigged and has a mounted carbon filter (and I believe fan?) combo.

- not incredibly expensive but not cheap either. Paid about $609 for my box and another $195 for shipping and (lack of) handling
- their website really pushes their customer service and support. I call TOTAL BS on this one. Couldn’t get ahold of a human via conventional means (multiple calls, messages, email). Eventually got a response via email and, once I did, their level of customer service was what they advertised and what I’d expect.
- the SuperPonics 8 system is crap. Nice idea, they tried with engineering but it’s sub par and leaves a lot to be desired. Same goes for their pumps (air/water). Pre piped water tubes are pure cheap CRAP. Couldn’t get proper flow secondary to major leaks. It’d almost be better if they didn’t send this trash to me. I’m going to have to get another or upgrade the current but the SuperPonics 8 system is pure TRASH.
- missing contents. Not one, two or three things but MULTIPLE ITEMS were missing. Totally unacceptable. I paid a good chunk of change for people to do their jobs and do it right, not too much to ask and should be the rule rather than the exception. Completely unacceptable.
- shipping. Well, if you’ve purchased anything that has to be delivered you know how mishandled things are.
- their phone number is essentially a recording with an avenue to leave a voicemail message. Disappointing as their website emphasizes otherwise.

So if I were to rate this as a complete experience from 1 (absolutely would not recommend) to 10 (absolutely would recommend) I’d give this about a 6, 6.5

The company isn’t as dedicated, responsive or supportive as advertised. If you thump your chest about customer service - answer the damn phone.

The unit itself is essentially a filing cabinet rigged for lighting and filtration with cable hole access and some reflective material and a lock.

Bottom line: depends on your needs and wants. A tent can do what this box does, albeit somewhat differently. I’ve read reviews from other users in which the provided lamp burned too hot for their grow putting the plants and harvest at risk.

End cost of over $800. For this amount options are pretty wide open. You could check other manufacturers, tents, piece-mealing together something of your own. I reasonably expected better service, a better initial product and better service and was disappointed in the long run.

The company shows promise and is more than capable of being a model industry leader. However, with the issues they’re facing so far, or rather the anger, frustration, confusion, etc their customers are experiencing they’re just another manufacturer on the block who, in the end, may be slightly better than others. If they don’t address their issues they’ll just be mass producing products that many are really going to want to avoid in the future.


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The links don't work for me but I know it won't be worth it mate.

If your on a budget you can drop a half kilo per meter with an Amazon special 600w HPS/CMH combo. £75
A cheap fan filter combo.£80
Ducting £15
Coco £20
Perilite £15
Fabric pots £20
Half decent osscillating tower fan £45
Ppm meter £10
pH meter, at least £30-£50 for one that's reliable. Mine was £45 but there's a few at the lower end that are pretty trustworthy.
Nutes...hang on..20,20,20,10,10,15.... hmm...About £200 per 3 grows of half a kilo but need them all to start with.
Hmm... Anything else?? ....
...oh aye, seeds...say £10 per seed..
Mmm string £1, cable ties £4, oh and yoyo hangers for the light are about £5 each.

Think that's covered everything there. Say about £650 for everything you need for 3 grows of somewhere around 20oz each.

Not sure how that translates on your side of the water but on my side, these "special deals" are generally a sucker punch.
I paid nearly a grand for my first 1m X 1m "all you need" set up and still had to spend another 500 quid before it was worthy.

Best just buying everything separate mate. Keep your eyes peeled for deals on Amazon and eBay (be careful with eBay though.)
I think America has "Craigslist" which again sounds a little dodgy to me but seems to be full of bargains if you pay attention. Plenty guys I've seen do well from that one.
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