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Well Hello friends :D
My name is Maeve. I smoke the green for my anxiety depression panic disorder and well.. cause I love it.

I have blue bong named Bubbles. Bubbles Cobra.
The name came to me the first night I smoked from him. Hes small but my lil trooper.
Im new to this so Im not sure what to say. o.o


I like video games (Nintendo, xbox), music (any and all but mostly metal and grindcore), I love art, anime, Pokemon, animals, and anything cute or zombie like. I'm a piercing artist and used to do tattoos. I hope to start that up again soon. 6 tattoos 5 piercings and getting more of both.

My favorite bands are hawthorne heights, attack attack, falling in reverse, white chapel, five finger death punch, i loooove Skrillex and on a side note I fricken love Raves.

I'm moving to Florida soon and hope to become a Phlebotomist.


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Hey ZombieSmoker, :welcome: to 420 Magazine!

I think you'll find this is the best mmj community out there...dedicated to spreading awareness of the benefits of Cannabis. :thumb:

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My ol Pal Vapedogg beat me to it, but welcome Zombie. Hope your visit/ stay here is fun.

Yes you are right Skrillex does own :)


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you had me at boobs haha. no i kid, i kid ;) welcome to the community! allot of knowledgeable and helpful growers on here!


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Welcome Zombie..

what can i say, you look like quite a character and will be a welcome addition to the community =D

seems we like a lot of the same stuff, but i dont have any tats yet, i have scars and am seriously thinking of getting some propper scarification work done to make them a bit more artful.
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