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I am new to growing setting up 4 foot X 4 foot growing area my home.

I am using a 1000W HPS lamp

Currently, I have one plant I have grown from seed for about 3 weeks. >>> I am hoping to have 7 or 8 more plants soon.

As you can see I have far more questions than answers, I look to all of you for guidance as I become active in our "Green Revolution"

devils letuce

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hey man welcome to :420:..

my advice to us is to ask this question in the f.a.q section . :420: has a group of guys that stay in the faq section all day and answer questions
Frequently Asked Questions


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:welcome: to:420:I've only been on this site for a few months myself and have found it to be immensely helpful and incredibly friendly! :) I tried other sites and this has proven to be the best by far. My first grow is well under way and would not have happened without the help I've found here! The Frequently Asked Questions is a great place to start.... we can use the search also. Good Luck with your grow and Welcome once again! :)
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