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noobie looking for grow tent advice


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hello all ^_^ i'm planning on buying a grow tent out of my next paycheck. i've been on this site for hours reading the beginners guides & such so that I don't ask any over asked questions, but i haven't really seen much in the way of grow tents. all the 'indoor' grow tips seemed to be geared towards closet growing.
is tent growing the same as closet growing? is there a specific lighting setup for tents? is anyone out there using a tent & have any helpful tips about em? is there anything in particular that i should know about using a grow tent? do grow tents even work or is it a waste of money? because its really my only option (no closet space & unable to grow outdoors)

thank you soooooo much for helping out :Namaste:


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also, in the grow journals section i saw a pic of a setup inside a grow tent & it looked like WAAY complicated. here is a link to it First Grow 600W, Tent, Soil, AK47, Bubblegum - Advice Wanted

am i gonna have to do all that???? what is all that stuff & is it necessary? i'm not the expert it looks like i would have to be in order to achieve that. yikes!

also if you know of a sticky or something that would be helpful could you please post the link? i don't wanna be a pest. thanks ^_^


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Growing MJ isn't like taking a few carrot seeds and tossing them into the backyard. I would suggest you go read the following post, decide how you are going to grow, and then start designing your grow room. If you have direct questions on something you are looking at, or thinking of come on back and ask.

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And the journal you linked, isn't not that complicated. While you might not need everything in there, like they have, you will need most of it.



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thanks prairie. i have some ventilation questions but i'll search the site a little more first & see if i find what i'm looking for.
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