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Noobymacdooby's 2nd Grow - Cheese & Local Genetics - All The Gear But No Idea


Grow Journal of the Month: September 2019
So this is my 2nd go at growing my own smoking stuffs. 1st grow actually managed to finish and got some great smelling and smooth smoking heads out the deal but not much in way of potency. At least it was better than the bag section it came from.

Doing a 2nd run with 1 cheese plant (sex unknown), some bag seed genetics and some seeds from a mate who grew a very healthy plant last summer.
I chose to go for the bag seed now as I'm a nooby and dont want to spend money on fancy seeds only to fck-em up.

SO 2 plants are running in a DWC setup (homemade, taking it through its 1st run) but I'm taking a big gamble with them as I dont know if they will be females. Hoping for the best. Running the EHG nutes in it.

The other plants are all in soil of my own making - coco coir, perlite, organic compost, kelp powder, bone meal, worm castings, myckroroot, rock dust and ocean grow fertilizer. They all have a few centimeters of perlite on the top to help fight fungus gnats.
I started all of these plants outside as I was making changes and installing a pi driven room controller so they got gnats and spidermites on them but I've hopefully killed most of them off.

My room setup (also this is what happens when you have a role of sisalation lying around,you make all the things shiny) :



My lifghts - good ol led cobs:

and my room controller gui:

The pii controller and relays etc. was setup for me by a electrical computer whizz

My goal with this grow is to end with 6 plants - 2 DWC and 4 soil. So I started with waay to many plants but hopefully they'l whittle down once the males show up. Not even sure if my current light setup will be enough for 6 but until I win the lottery I can't afford anymore lights.


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Hey bud, you don't have to PM me I have the details here.
Have a look at their options, it's a day or 2 delivery.
Then on the 420SA site there is a Guy called Totemic Genetics who also has a few but they are regular beans but still good genetics.


Plant of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017


Grow Journal of the Month: September 2019
Guess it's time to introduce the kids and show all the mistakes so far!

Bit of background 1st, about 3 weeks before the previous grow was done I started some beans in hopes of not having to start straight from seeds. Then my alterations and pi room controller took longer than anticipated so in the meantime I popped more seeds. So ended I up with way more plants than needed but will be whittling them down as I go along. To date about 20 plants have been axed - thrills of bag seeds plant all you want!
All the plants where started outside in bad light most of the time so they all stretched a crapload and grew very slowly. Then when I placed them in the room I had to move the lights a fair distance away while they adjusted which led to a touch more stretching. I have about 2 meters of growing height so stretchy plants aren't a complete train smash. Also had fungus gnats and spidermites so you'l see some collateral damage from them.

see them stretch, those wooden spikes are about 22cm out the ground:

the DWC is stretching so crazy I had to top a 3 weeks old plant to slow it down. This happen before though, the strain from my mate just grows a bit stretchy. Will be scrogging it like crazy

This plant in the bigger pot showed some female pre flowers before it went into the room, guess bad lighting was good for something. This plant is close to 2 months old, yeah bad growth for its size but I actually started it in rockwool to place in the DWC but as time went along the rockwool got algae on so started a new batch for the DWC and planted these in soil:

All of these are the same bagseed strain (calling it keibrid for now), except for the top left plant:

Top left plant is my cheese plant:

Then some other bag seed and 3 of my mates strain:

and another keibrid, lowered the lights last night to their "correct" height but this plant did not like it at all:


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They're not looking too bad. How did you get rid of the spidermites bud? I used redspidercide, bioneem and spinosad. That seemed to do the trick.


Grow Journal of the Month: September 2019
I used neem oil + dishwashing soap and I used Margaret Roberts organic insecticide which is canola oil and garlic. I sprayed 2 times a day and went over each plant with a magnifying glass while giving the under side of all the leaves a wipe with my fingers. I've been spraying some neem oil / soap on the top of the soil / perlite a couple of minutes after watering so it doenst get washed into the roots but hopefully prevents any stuff growing in the soil. This took care of the gnat and mites issue for now. I'm going to continue with the insecticide sprays until a week into flowering. Read up that prevention is better than cure, so rather spray lightly now than fight the bastards later.

My 1st grow had fungus gnats issues so I've been super paras about bugs on the plants


Plant of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
Don't stress too much about fungus gnats. Unless you have a hectic infestation, they don't really cause any issues. I've had plenty of grows with gnats and the plants barely notice them.


Plant of the Month: Sept 2016, Feb 2017
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