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Grow Journal of the Month: September 2019
Lemon fuel is a classic terp profile, cross your fingers.
Yeah hope so! Still waiting on the chemdawg seeds I was gifted for some straight up fuel.

Then pretty chuffed with the size of this plant. Grown in a 10L (or 12L not 100% sure) container with no bottled nutes. Just living soil and teas. The plant split naturally which is why it's a bit lopsided. And the photo was taken after a haircut and trim.


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My Chemdog 91 keeper was heavy Skunk with a funky smell like body odor. Sounds nasty but actually is something you’ll be reaching for.


Grow Journal of the Month: September 2019
Thx, only time I've ever been stoked on heavily seeded buds....lols

So the new seedlings all coming along but the roadkill x wifi ones seem to be slow starters. They are the small ones on the left. The ones on the right are the roadkill x dosido, started about a week an a half before the wifi ones...


Cuts, cuts ,cuts and more cuts. Keeping track and care of cuts while I pheno hunt is going to be a pain. The tall guy in the middle is a shiva cookies x stardawg male. Fairly stinky and vigorous but not looking that great structure wise. Going to top it and see how it reacts to that.


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