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Nor'Easter (U.S.) Checking in


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Hello everyone. Let me start with a little about myself.
I was diagnosed Bipolar last year, however, I am sure I have been messed up my whole life. I really hate putting names on conditions, and feel kinda like a cop out for even labeling myself in such a manner. I guess I am old school. (46 yrs young).

In high school i smoked some to be popular and i guess forget my home life. I switched to alcohol in my 20s, and drank for the better part of two decades. I was still functional and contributed to my government via taxes, however, I was very unstable and always thought people were out to get me.

Fast forward to today, I am still unstable, lol. But working on improving myself. My therapist suggested I try medical MJ, to ease my anxiety and depression, we have been going through medications like crazy and they all have side effects that I do not care for.

So after all these years, I reached out to a coworker who I know smokes occasionally, and asked him for some smoke. The effects were amazing, besides eating my fridge (which i do not like) I was able to calm down and relax again.

So after a ton of research, It appears my state does not think of depression or anxiety as a reason for medical MJ. I have decided to try and grow a medical strain myself. Keeping it under legal limits is going to be an issue? dunno yet.

I have purchased a grow tent 4x4x6 and 2 large CFL's for veg and another two for flower, I also have a LED UFO to help. I ordered fox farm soil and nuts, also medical seeds, so I hope to be growing soon.

I will most likely start a thread fro my grow as i will need help for sure, However, I am concerned about being caught, I am using Tor browser, not sure if that is enough to keep me anonymous?

Thanks everyone. Hope to meet you all soon in my grow journal.


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Re: Nor'Easter (U.S.) Checking in.

MaPilot, we are glad that you are here. :welcome: to :420:. We are spreading the good news about cannabis and hemp to the world. In the past I had a history of self-destructive behavior myself. I find that a sativa kills my appetite. I get way high and can't eat a bite. Some folks it makes hungry I think but not me. Legal limits is a problem some places. Here in Colorado we did away with that BS. Anyone 21 or over can grow 6 plants legally. Which is why my wife and I are activists for legalization. We want everyone to be able to grow their own medicine if they choose to. I will be looking forward to your grow journal. To help you along we have the Frequently Asked Questions which is a good place to look for answers or to ask questions should you have any. Also https://www.420magazine.com/forums/introduce-yourself/216746-new-member-start-links.html has many good links that you may find interesting. There are many wonderful members here that are willing to help new growers become successful. Look around and have fun. :peace:

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Re: Nor'Easter (U.S.) Checking in.

Have a big 420 welcome! Ill be looking out for your grow journal :) as for safety on here! :) 420 Magazine works tirelessly to provide a safe environment for all us growers from all over the world. As long as no personal information is divulged by yourself, all will be just fine! Im UK and totally illegal, yet this is my second home! Best of luck in your green endeavors! :)
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