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North Carolina: CBD Oil Bill Headed For Governor's Desk

Jacob Redmond

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The North Carolina House overwhelmingly passed a bill, HB 766, that would legalize a strain of marijuana Tuesday afternoon with a vote of 112-2. This bill now heads to Governor Pat McCrory's desk for signature.

Sources have told WBTV he will sign it, and quickly.

If and when he does, the bill will make CBD oils -- cannabis oils -- legal for any age person with intractable epilepsy in NC. CBD oils (also called hemp oils) are genetically engineered from a marijuana plant to be extremely low in THC, the stuff that gives you a "high."
You can't get high on CBD oils. With this new bill, any board-certified neurologist in the state will be able to recommend the medicine. Patients
would be a part of a database and have to have a note from their doctor saying it was recommended.

The medicine is not FDA-approved.

On July 1, the full Senate voted to pass the bill, 47-0. Three senators weren't there.

Tuesday afternoon, all House Representatives except two voted for the medicine. The two who voted against it are Representative Carl Ford of Cabarrus/Rowan Counties and Representative Jay Adams of Catawba County.

The bill was originally sponsored by House Representative Pat McElraft of Carteret and Jones County.

The bill does not give you permission to cultivate it in North Carolina. The bill also doesn't say where you're supposed to get the medicine.

Various places now ship CBD oils across the country. Some are more legitimate than others.


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