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North Dakota Farmer's Hemp Case Set To Go Before U.S. Appeals Court

Jim Finnel

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Oral arguments are set before an 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel in the case of two North Dakota farmers who want to grow industrial hemp.

David Monson and Wayne Hauge (HOW'-ghee) are appealing a federal judge's dismissal of a lawsuit they filed against the federal government, which regulates the crop as a drug.

Hauge and Monson obtained state permits to grow hemp, which can be used in a variety of products, but were blocked from growing it by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. They argue in their appeal that hemp is not a substitute for its cousin, the illegal drug marijuana.

The oral arguments are scheduled Nov. 12 in St. Paul, Minn. Vote Hemp, a nonprofit advocacy group, is funding the farmers' legal battle.

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Dr. 215

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Well why not? its just hemp, no THC content, whats illegal about it!?


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I pray for these farmers, once they get it , then perhaps the rest of the USA will follow , I own a farm in Ks and will farm it once it's legal. We should be building houses outa hemp not timber. The timber industry will be obsolete when hemp becomes legal.
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