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Hi Everyone, am from the North East of England, am a sanddancer. Term for my area of people. Enjoy smoking, currently considering growing, aware of social and medical value of the green stuff.
Feel would be better than knocking on doors. + will for once get correct strain, for my condition.
Only thinking of 2-3 plant considering buying LED, which will use in all growth stages, + wont over heat any IDEAS?

The green guy

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Hello hello North west here. Do grow and do use led and do use autos at least then you only have 8-10 weeks of worrying instead of a 6 month project. But remember only trust the people you KNOW you can trust.
You'll get all the info you need and advise from everyone here our side of the pond and the other.
I started with 3 and then you just add and add till you own a Forrest :)
My current journal is in my signature pop over to get some ideas but it's well well well worth it.
:) happy growing


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LED so many brands, price range massive, which do u think are best.
p,s used to leave in North West Preston for 5 years.


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East Anglia here :)

I've never used LED so can't help there I'm afraid.


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Hello. I'm in the North East too. Marshydro are cheap and cheerful and they work. I use 3 x 300's ( 5w diodes ) and a 48 Reflector for germination and first week growth. Hope this helps man.


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Monkey Hanger here. Just started to grow myself using a 140w led in a fridge. I'm only looking to have 2 plants on the go, one veggie and one in flower so I'm growing a couple of dwarf autos on the same light cycle.

Good to hear from other Northern growers.


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North East guy here. I'm in the middle of Newcastle and Whitby and that's all your getting
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