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Northern Lights Auto not growing good


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I got a Northern Lights Auto next to my window with 2 50watt lights, it's been a bit over a week now and it's still not really growing. Just recently it popped out a little green sprout with 2 very small leafs.

I got 2 other Northen Lights growing at a friends place and they've grown like 5 times the size but it's the same setup.

I'm using normal soil, put a small plastic bag on top to just keep the moisture level high enough, I water it maybe once everyother day or when the dirt is "dry". Also the sprout popped up on a different place where I placed the seed, and where I placed the seed there is a root or something. First time with this so please any help.


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I wonder if it is cannabis or some other seed that was in the soil??
Two weeks seems like an awfully long time. Mine usually only take 3-4 days and I don't germinate in a paper towel or anything - just throw the beans in the soil.


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I'm not sure what happened to the soil to be honest. It honestly looks like the tap root literally like went up to the surface and decided to die but then something else still started growing and it was a cannabis plant that was growing. But I was going to pot it to a smaller pot and accidentaly ripped of the root of the "plant". I'm hoping I didn't fuck up too much..

I got a batch of ak47's I will plant tomorrow or monday so it doesn't really matter, this was my first time trying to grow and I expected some seeds to fail.
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