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Northern Lights autoflower, late flower, week 8!


Has anyone else dealt with this? It's at week 8, autoflower northern lights, late on flower. Looks like buds are in week 2 of flower but it's been growing for 8 weeks total now. Anyone know how much I should expect here and could it go for an extra 6 weeks ?


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*Northern lights mostly indica 75 indica 25 sativa
*2 plants
*8 weeks old in week 2 into flower
*soil medium hp
*400 watt hp and added second small led during week 7
*garage grow so temp was 25° 50
* would water when top dried up so either once every 2 days til once a day or whenever it needs it.
*growing in 4x4 8feet high
*small clip on fan
*topped and lst
Also have a zkittles that's doing phenomenal and a gorilla glue ill be posting up in later future for advice thanks :)


Yeah it's not uncommon for autos to take 14 weeks mate. Especially larger ones like NL. I find they tend to take 7-8 weeks from the first signs of pistils.
If you check the breeder and it says they're XL then can just about garunteed a 100 day minimum.
Thanks dude, happy to hear what I wanted to hear, especially from someone growing massive buds like yourself. Thanks was just worrying to much as being my first grow well I'll keep an update!


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