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Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
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Northern Lights x OG Kush
"Lights Out #1"

Decided to start a side project alongside this proggy: 3x Northern Lights 2x2 ScrOG
I’ve taken fresh clones from my pre-flowering NL's as it goes with the name ”Monster cropping”.
7x Clones were taken totally and going to grow 6 of them in solo cups 12/12 and using SoG method.
One of the clones is going to get pollinated by OG Kush and breeding from those a new hybrid which bears the name Lights Out (NL x OG kush)

Alongside we’re going to see the maturing of the original NL's #1, #2 & #3

27.7.2021 - Lets get the progress going!

Day #1
Heres a 1st day pics from cloning and super cropping:

Defolation & Fresh clones waiting:

Using ROOT!T Sponges to root the clones. Simple and efficiency - just gotta keep eye on the humidity and tempeatures!

Ready trimmed and placed into sponges:

30x60x75cm part of tent works as a cloning dome now. (Having 3-in-1 tent)
Steamer keeps the humidity easily 90-100% all the time.
- The light Im using for clones is 20W LED


Here is 2x regural OG Kushes on day two:
- Will try to sex them as soon as they get at least 14 days old

And for the final of the first day, lets take a look at the ”mothers” after being monster cropped.
- These NL’s are 31days old and they have been flipped into a flowering 6 or 7 days ago.
(Journal for these ladies can be found from my signature as well)
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Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Day#2 - Happy clones :green_heart:

Steamer running for a about hour actually saturated the entire part of the tent :sorry::3: ..So had to set up a timer for it.
Now it keeps humidifying the clone tent for an hour - stays off for 30min, and during the 30mins idle the humidity level just drops to around 70-75% and after that it humidifies them back to 90-100%

2nd day of clones:

They look happy to me :) What you folks think?


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Day #4

Today tried to check for the roots - nothing thru the cubes yet tho.

looking and comparin the photos from day 1 & 2 and looking day 4, for me they looks like they had some growth?

also couple clones having slight yellowish/brown on lower leave tips. Isnt yellowish color on the leaves usually sign that theyre rooting and using the stored Nitrogen from leaves?

Couple photos from day 4:


see the yellowish lower leaves on the small one


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Day #15

Had a little problems with the clones since ROOT!T sponges didnt work out at all… had to transplant clones into new cubes (used jiffy7 & rockwool cubes) so kinda had to start the rooting again.
Most of the clones survived, only two of them died.

Now almost all the clones has rooted (two more to wait for the roots sprout out)
Two of them NL#1 ja and NL#3 clones started a nice re-veg ~4 days ago.
Couple of them still having a bit ruff look but hopefully they recorver like #1 & #3 did. (The two re-vegging on right side)

And here is at least one properly monster cropped clone, which Im expecting a weird veg growth.


NL#1 & NL#3 has a bit of a Calcium defiency (right one)

Started to feed nutes gently for the #1 and #3
Kelp mix - 0.5ml/l
Bio-Grow - 0.5ml/l
Cal/Mag - 0.7ml/l

And couple more to root :ciao:

Tokin Roll

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Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
You are on your way now @Verbalist nice start.

I sorry to hear about your lost, but at least you have enough to keep moving forward.

I'll be around.

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,

Tok.. :bong:
Thanks bro! More than happy about the situation where I only lost two clones. Thought Im gonna f*** up all of them when had to re-root them.

Hope we get som nice SoG going on there with these little ladies.
will update this more often now!

bless, stay safe n high!


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Start of the 3rd week:

- Topped NL#1 (the one which had a little calcium defiency)
- They’ve had now +1week nice re-veg. Feeding them already with Bios formula
- 13/8/2021 7th monster cropped clone transplanted
- Maybe 1-2 weeks more veg for NL#1 & #3 before
- NL#2 clones sor far staying for a low low :lot-o-toke: no vertical growth.

Interested to see if the monster cropped ones shows some weird funny growth :D anyway cloning has been a success so far :bravo:

You can see the NL#1 topped on the right side. Has a 6 potential colas

And a quick look at OG Kushes, which will be used later to pollinate one Northern Lights to get the Lights Out-cross strain (Northern Lights x OG Kush)

Trying to grow these in a bonsai tree shape :ciao:


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Week 3 update:

8/16/2021 decided to monster crop one more clone :)


Also topped NL#3

NL#2 has two main grow tips:
(This one is not topped nor fimmed or anything)


And heres the whole clone gang. They slowly starting to sprout new veg growth

And this one made my day! :laugh:
See the young OG Kushes closely… How is that even possible? It is growing a MICROMICRO_cannabis alongside.
Has the rootball somehow grew out a new seedling? And yes it is a cannabis seedling :eek:



Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Week 4

Sorry no update in a while. Been super busy and the older NL ladies have eaten my time.
All 8 clones has started re-vegging nicely (posting pic of them later) and the latest monster crop clone is still rooting. So far she looks happy and by bending the stem it feels like roots already sprouting.

NL#1 and NL#3 were flipped into 12/12 3 days ago! :slide:

NL#1 before the flip + training:


NL#1 Flowering day: 4

NL#3 before the flip:

NL#3 - Flowering day: 4 + training:

If youve got any ideas how to train/support into different shape the NL#3 feel free to shoot your suggestions! :)


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Week #5

Totally forgot to update this journal… Not sure yet what am I going to do with the NL#2 clones, since the tent will be filled with new plants after finishing these current NL’s

NL#1 and #3 has been flowering for ~1.5weeks now. Stretch is almost over and they slowly starting to develop buds.
Rest of the clones having nice bushy re-veg.

Heres couple shoots

Young clones revegging

Main-lined one of them
(Structure pic)


She topped herself


NL#1 & NL#3



Any ideas what should I do with the re vegging NL#2 clones? Since theyre photos cant flower them in same tent with up comming autos.. Idk if I have enough room to keep them in veg to make monster ass mothers.
NL#1 #3 will be flowered to the end. And the whole flowering perioid should be pretty fast since theyre in 1l Air Pots and only having couple colas where I do want to produce flowers.

Would be shame to dump out perfectly monster cropped clones which are growing very bushy… they would have a potential growth for nice over m2 canopy but again no room for that. All ideas are more than welcome!



Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Clone zone looks great Verbalist! Sometimes there's just extra.
I decided to flip them 12/12 lets see what mini monsters I manage to pull out. The new proggy which I mentioned before is going to fill up the bigger part of the tent, thats why I had a dillema with these clones.
trying to keep the clones max 30cm height and get a nice flat canopy. They should do the work since they pushing so many new nodes.


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Week #5 continues

Theres NL#1 and NL#3 they’ve been flowering for about two weeks now




The difference is noticable compared to the ”mothers” when the plants arent pumped full of Nitrogen. Bud developments so much faster and feels like the roots uptake everything so much better. And Im impressed as how big they managed to grow in 1L Air Pots.

Trained them again and the plants structure is T-shape. They gonna look like a palm trees when those nugs start gaining weight.


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Week 6

NL#1 and NL#3 Clone buds startin to stack up. Guess they need 2-3 weeks before harvest! :)
Also did some defoliation on NL#2 Clone

Before defoliation:

After Defoliation:

Hopefully getting nice two main colas with single fully connected buds

NL#3 Clone:

NL#1 Clone:

These are the only three clones that Im going to keep and flower..
Saving one small one since looks like one of the OG Kushes going to be a male. So going to breed them together: Northern Lights x OG Kush = ”Lights Out”

Ossi Ossi

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I decided to flip them 12/12 lets see what mini monsters I manage to pull out. The new proggy which I mentioned before is going to fill up the bigger part of the tent, thats why I had a dillema with these clones.
trying to keep the clones max 30cm height and get a nice flat canopy. They should do the work since they pushing so many new nodes.
Yea nice


Grow Journal of the Month: Feb 2022
Hey Ossi!

I’m sorry to let you know that these clones were harvested bout 2 months ago :ciao:

I kinda forget to keep updating this journal, since I was busy with my others..

But heres couple pics from the three/four best ones before harvest and after.
Pre harvest NL#2 #1 & #3 (in order)



If I remember right, the dry weight from these three were ~100g (~3.5oz)


And for the clarify this plant is the same (NL#2):
She topped herself

And heres group shot of some of the smaller ones which I tossed away :( …Due the lack of space.

I definitely fell in love with cloning! This was the first actual full experiment with cloning and clones. :love:
I’ll be getting back to cloning (probs in hydro-way) when starting up the next process! So more to come.

Meanwhile if interested to follow my current hydro growth, Purple Punch auto on DWC you can find the journal link from my signature. All the most recent proceedings will be posted there.

Have a nice tuesday!

- V
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