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Hey guys, This will be my 2nd grow so I decided to make a Journal for all of those who want to follow, and so It would be easier for me to keep track. My first grow was Royal Dwarf, from Royal Queen's seeds and it went hermie on me so I cut It down at day 47, and only got 10g's from it. This Grow, Im going to be scrog'n a Feminised Northern Lights plant from Nirvana in a GL40(1'4x1'4x3'11 Feet) and I have made a screen to in there perfectly. Here are some details about my grow.

Lights- I veg with a Pro-Grow 180, I'll flower with a blackstar 240, Ill try to fit both in the tent if I can.

Style- I'm trying Coco Hempy's for the first time, in 2 Gallon buckets. Going to be scrog'n one of the Northern Lights.

Strains- I have 2 Northern Lights(fem) from Nirvana , and 1 Blue Mistic from Royal Queen

Nutrients- Canna Coco A+B, Rhizotonic and I have Cal-mag and superthrive.

also, this may sound stupid but I'm new here, and I'm not quite sure how add pictures into a journal? It says under POSTING PERMISSION-that I'm not allow to add attachments? Anyone got any advice? lol thanks:)

LED in 3D

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Here they are yesterday on day 14
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LED in 3D

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hey man! I'm subbed i love scrogs. and am thinking of making my biggest outdoor into a scrog. is this an auto?
Thanks:), I'm thinking of actually tossing the tent, and doing a 2x2 scrog in the closet with both NL, so it should be a lil bigger than I thought lol. They're not auto's, just good ole' fashioned Nirvana Northern Lights(fem)

and how dare me forget WELCOME TO :420:
Thanks for having me:p

LED in 3D

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Hey guys, I decided to put the other LED in the closet with the plants, temps with both of the LED's in the closet are around 77-78F, and I'm not really sure about humidity, I just mist them once in the morning and once right before lights out. I have them on a 20/4 schedule still from 10pm-2am, but im thinking about switching it to Noon-4pm during the hottest time of the day. Its about 100-105F during those times where I'm at, so that should bring the temps down a little.

My last feeding was earlier this morning-
-Canna Coco A- 6ml/gal
-Canna Coco B- 6ml/gal
-Rhizotonic- 3ml/gal
-Cal-Mag- 1.5ml/gal
-SuperThrive- 1 Drop/Gal

And it takes about 1/2 gallon to water each plant enough to have a tiny bit on Runoff out of the res.

Here is a pic, Let me know what you think:p

my Closet Setup, with all the girls

Northern Lights #2

Northern Lights #1

Both NL from side view
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LED in 3D

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Day 17...

Hey guys, nothing too exciting has happened yet, Just a lil bit of growth. Im really enjoying these coco hempys, Alot simpler than my first grow in which was in soil. Not much else to say, got about 5 more inches till They reach the screen, which is 9 inches from the lip of the bucket..so it Should be reaching within a week or two. I've decided to go with (2) 1'3x1'3 screens instead of just one 2'x2', think thats a good idea?

Anyways, here are the pics:p

Blue Mistic

And the Northern Lights twins




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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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