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Northern Lights wheres all the love


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Alright I know everyone has their favorite strains,but for all the time Ive been here I havent heard anyone talk about NL,or seen any active grow journals with NL.Come on people it won the Cannabis Cup like a 100 times.Im not saying thats the only bud anyone should ever smoke,thank God we have differnt strains to smoke.What Im saying is that for a long time thats what I grew.I did it outdoors and it florished,didnt get so tall as much as bushy.As many of you growers out there know you never forget your first love.It wasnt just that they were my little girls,I just love everything about the strain. The color the smell the stickyness and most of all the taste,you would have to wipe your chin from salivateing.So I know there are plants out there that get you more high but for me Ill never forget my first love.If anyone feels the same or thinks Im a raveing fool let me know.
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