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NorthernCosmos' First Indoor Soil Auto Grow, 2019


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OK! I was thinking about doing just that, but I'm too unsure about the potential for spread - I mean there are some spores somewhere... But as you say, a little selective cutting followed by washing the good buds might be just fine. Should H2O2 be used in those cases, or does it not kill mold spores?
They cleaned up nice for me then a wash including the h2o2. I smokes the last of it last week almost 2 years old. I could see there was no more rot when I was done spraying. The rest of the bud was alive looking. It was an outdoor plant and the nugs weren't thick. If that matters.


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On day 53 for the Babushka Black autos they've already formed fat colas. These plants looks set finish up in a hurry. Kalashnikov Seeds says 55 - 60 days. I'm guessing maybe they'll go to 70 days before I'm happy with the trichomes.

Yesterday I dropped two new seeds:
- Purple Haze auto from Sensible Seeds
- Blueberry Express auto from Dispensario Seeds

With that I've diversified the seedbanks with three new ones in the tent. Come to think of it, I really should grow them i pairs of same seeds to see if phenotypes vary as much as they have done for me so far. I know very little about the various sources of seeds and their different qualities and outcomes, so new banks/strains are very exciting!



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That's right, the humidifier is off. The ambient RH is at 58% right now. It's been between 65% and 55% since the last harvest went into the drying box.

I jarred the Blackberry Gum on day 7 of the drying, and at that point some colas was starting to smell cured(!?). The Stardawg is still in the drying box at day 10. I've never had a drying go that long, but then again, my problem has been too little RH and maybe a tad quick drying in the winter months. Think I'll jar Stardawg today, because I'm getting jittery about the optimal drying-to-jarring point... :slide:
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Sounds great Cosmos! It's just to keep experimenting until you find you r favorite method of drying and curing. First drying I made when growing perpetual was not so successful in my mind, I vacuum packed the weed way to early for long term storage so it got fermented in the process. Very potent though but extremely hard to grind up, destroyed plastic grinders... Lol.

Had too much weed back then to keep track of every bag... :laugh2:


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I'm getting there, juggling the jars... almost relieved when I have to dump some moldy and questionable buds in the compost :p

I'm struggling a little to get as good a cure as the first plants I grew. They were drying at less than 50% RH most of the time and now I can't get the RH down to that level. That would be the only difference I can think of - not dry enough weed... Maybe I'll try the paper-bag-in-the-fride drying method the next time.
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