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not flowring...


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i start befor 47 day 2 grow LR-F they now between 40-80 cm tall they look healthy and bushy,one small and the 2th big.
they with 400w hps 18/6 and in the 3 first week 400wmh.
they get fertilization from seeds(ghe).
they grow in closet and the humidity and the temperature is good.
i now thet the LR is autoflower but in my situation allmost and of week 6 and not flowering its look like samthing wrong with this seed.
i write them qand tell them with a pic togter and the tell me thet is mistake with the brider samthing like thet.
yesthrday i move them to 12/12 to see what going on.....
they dont show bud or hair .
it should be finsh after 8-9 from seed this what they say on thir site.
what you think?
i start in the meantime the 5 free seed thet the sand mazar x afgen.....
today all of them pop out.
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