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haha blazed out of my mind and my fingers typed some wigi board shit...

im so high right now
my mom i think will have a cow
like bart simpson says thats what she does
im lookin out the window paranoid cuz the fuzz
is watchin my every move i know it
but i had to inhale the bud and blow it
thats what i do
and thats what i love
to me its my angle
to some its a dove
it saves me from myself
better yet from others
helps millions of kids deal with there mothers
damn im high and writing this so great
some people wont like it but haters will hate
and thats whats so beautiful and great
about our country the united states
of course there are some things i dont approve
all you have to do is turn on the tube
and see plastered on tv channels
stupid ass bush wearing a cheap flannel
smirking and smiling he can kiss my ass
killed thousands of people and raised the price of gas
soon we will have him out of office though
we need a president in favor of dro
in favor of stress
in favor of everything that includes getting high
I think we shall
I think we will
I want him too be laid back
like are last gettin head like bill
clinton was better
in my opinion anyway
but our next will be on cnn
puffin the hay!!


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That was cute. heh.


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haha thanks guys, yeah I love the daily show...he actually tell it like it is!!

Earth Child

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Oh yeah. That made my day, brother.

Thanks for that.

:peace: Earth Child


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haha well im glad I could make someones day!! im sure I will have some more posted on here tommorow!!! HAPPY EARLY 420!!!


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very cool i like it...;-)


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well heres a new one
im drunk as hell and having much fun
you have to read this in sort of a crazy way
im happy as hell right now but not gay
i like my drinks straight no ice or chasers
like indiana ive been drinking but i pace her
or I mean I pacer
yes thats the correct spelling
thinking about this ryme too long would be dwelling
dont do that just glance over it quick
see im new and my profile name is superbic
the reason for this is because i like to smoke
and the way I do my blazin is powerfull I usually choke
but not in a bad way no never that way
I choke because I puff so hard like hardaway
did you hear he got arrested for possesion of some herbs
cops arresting people for that reason is un heard
of yes I think so there is no reason though
to be put in hand cuffs because your inhaling some dro
better for you then cigs and alcohol combined
puts you in a good mood and in a better mind
set it does that you may eat and get fat
but those are the worst side effects that will happen
I cant stop talking and ryming yess im yappin
so im going to stop here
because I need another beer
and im going to go to bed after that ya here?
hopefully you agree with my opinons like me
I know there kind of out there but they make me happ E
so im just tryin to say goodnight to you all
and may smoking never quit the bong will never fall
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