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Not Recommended: Marijuana Delivery To Police

Jim Finnel

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Cleveland police didn't have to go very far in order to make two arrests in connection with a two week long undercover vice operation.
In fact, police didn't have to go anywhere at all.

According to police, officers were searching a west side address as part of the undercover investigation when officers say two men tried to deliver 12 pounds of marijuana to the very same house. The pair apparently failed to notice the two police cars parked in front of the house as well as the officers walking around the property.

Police then obtained a search warrant for an east side address associated with the two men where officers say they found another 3 pounds of marijuana.

Besides the drugs, Chief Michael McGrath says the two week undercover operation led to three arrests, including the two men at the house where the botched delivery took place, the confiscation of $12,000 in cash as well as guns.

Charges are pending against the three men arrested.

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Source: WKYC-TV
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