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not sure if i have root rot and brown algae please advise!

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hi people im growing in rdwc for the first time and i think i have a problem with my roots but im not shore!!!!

my roots are brownish and im not shore if thats down to my nutes turning them brown or if this is the start of root rot, they were nice and white for the first 2 weeks then bam they turned all brown on me!!!

mainly on one plants roots there seems to be a darker brown substence which again im not shore if thats down to the nutes or if thats some kinda brown algae!!!
for the first week there might of been a bit of a light leek in each 5 gallon pot due to the fact i was using clear air line hose which i've now blacked out so no light gets in but was thinking if it is a brown form of algae that it was probably corsed by the slight light leek!!!!

my plants are 2 weeks old

res temps are between 63f - 68f with the occasional spike to 70f lights on

room temps 70f - 75f lights on

ph between 5.8 - 6.4 at max

using ro water

im using gh flora nova grow ( 200 - 250 ppm )

root excelurator


cal mag (100 ppm )

cannazyme ( halth strength )

silica (half strength )

super thrive ( 1 drop per gallon water )

a total ppm of everything i use is 300 - 350 ppm

if anyone can tell me what they think as far as if i may have root rot or the nutes are turning me roots brown and whether or not that looks like brown algae on the roots or again if thats down to my nutes doing that i would be greatful!!!!


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hey john C and co finest after a day of panic i agree with you both as the roots have now turned much more lighter than in the pictures taken above which were taken a day after i done a res change where i had uped the nutes and addatives a little more from the previous week so thanks for the reply guys and take it easy!!!! :eek:)
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