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Not sure what the problem is? PICS, General organics, soilless, Leaf claw,yellow tips


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Hey guys! I'm really hoping i can diagnose this problem soon and get to flowering my first grow!






General organics Full line
Botanicare ReadyGro Moisture Formula
Just switched from t5 to 1000w hps, with air cooled hood 24 hours light.
Just repotted from 1 gallon plastic pots to 5 gallon fabric pots
Using spring water / tap well water around 140 ppm

I dont think either of these things are the issue because the growth looked like this before transplant, and some that i have not transplanted still look the same. Although, Drooping and dryness has gotten worse since the transplant/ light change

Temps are at 75-80 day and 65 night. Is this bad with 24 hour lighting? i heard cooler temps are good at night.
Humidity ranges from 28% to 40%. desert climate.


Leaves look really dry and droopy
Leaf Eagle claw
New growth has yellow tips
Old growth has yellow tips
Lower leaves are yellow/white falling off
New growth and old grow twisting in some places.

I think there is still a nutrient deficiency/ overfed problem.

in early veg they had a major nitrogen and phosphorous deficiency, so i started feeding around 500-550ppm every watering with general organics full strength feeding schedule, and had improvement until about a week ago. Then after transplanting yesterday i watered with half strength nutes @ 400 ppm. Should i be feeding nutes/water with coco?

I am not doing any ph adjusting with organic nutes. Might i still have ph problems?

It looks like i still have a calmag deficiency in some places..Does this also cause yellow tips and twisting new growth?

Where should i go from here? Thanks in advance!! Let me know if you need any other info.

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Re: Not sure what the problem is? PICS, General organics, soilless, Leaf claw,yellow

Mmm drooping leafs ah, might well be a sign of over or under watering both show the same symptoms !

As of current def problem more likely a touch of N-nitrogen def & would be tempted to up the nutrient feed to off set problems...

As ya growing in coco i would supplement with a calcium & magnesium feed to be on the safe side... as coco coir is notable for these issue's.

I must admitt i'm not totally into 24 hour lighting whilst in veg !

As plants do hormonal stuff when its dark :thumb:

Other wise 24 hour lighting may stunt growth & increase your electric bill !


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Re: Not sure what the problem is? PICS, General organics, soilless, Leaf claw,yellow

I don't have much experience with organics, but I'll weigh in on a few things...

Just to be clear, 24 hour lighting will work fine and isn't likely causing any probs. I've grown many healthy happy looking plants under 24 hour lighting. Not that I believe it's best, and a shorter veg lighting schedule will help with electricity bills and give them some "rest". Sometimes, however, 24/0 just works well in the sense of providing a consistent reliable environment or if you are cloning in the same space (I prefer cloning under 24/0, and it's easier to dial in environment for cloning under 24/0). Having said all that, if you don't have reasons for staying under 24/0, your plants would appreciate a break now and then and will most definitely thank you for it. I like 18/6 or 20/4 personally.

The temps are fine, not an issue. RH is a little dry... but not horrible.

As Fuzzy said, a supplementation of cal/mag is probably a good thing in coco coir.

Going from T5's to 1000w is like going from a Smart Car to a Formula 1. Does your ballast allow for dialing the watts down a little bit temporarily? It might help to ramp it up a little over time instead of blasting them with so much wattage. Then, ramp the watts back up as the plants get a little bigger and more adjusted. Alternatively, make sure to give them a little space from the lights and move the lights closer as they adjust better. This would help your RH too, as those 1000w bulbs will really decrease relative humidity.

Make sure the pots get "light" feeling before you water again. You can skip a feed now and then or lighten it up, or you can feed every time. I like to water until I get good run off with Smart Pots, then drain the excess by tipping the pot some over a tray or the sink. If the pots don't feel almost ridiculously light when you go to water, then you may be watering too frequently. Lift them frequently to get a feel for the weight when "wet" versus when "dry". Cannabis is seemingly most happy right before it dies from dehydration - they don't like "wet feet" very much. If they are getting really light and staying that way for a bit before you water, then maybe more frequent watering is required. (Some of this is hard to tell from pictures, so trying to give you more tools to discern this for yourself).




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Re: Not sure what the problem is? PICS, General organics, soilless, Leaf claw,yellow

Thanks a million for the tips your guys' insights are always so valuable. I may be watering just a tad too often, thanks for the reminder to let it dry out! I put them back under the t5 and they perked right back up. Im switching to 20/4 for the hot part of the day, just need to light proof the tent. I put a large bucket of water in there and RH has been up around 45, and plants arent looking toasted. Also i decided to double up on the calmag, GO feeding blog suggests it for soilless.

My 15 plants hardly fit under this 6 bulb 4' T5HO @32k lumens, but i think i may have less plants after sexing.

Unfortunately by ballast doesnt allow for dimming, but i am thinking of picking up a MH bulb for the remainder of veg, as my ballast can switch to MH. Will 1000W MH have the same Overpowering effect as the HPS?

Also, how long should i wait to take cuttings for force flowering? I am anxious to get rid of any males i dont need. Should i just chop the males down? Someone gave me these seedlings so i don't know the real origin, just some bad labeling. 5 g13, 6 purple haze, and i few mystery strains :yummy:

Thanks!! :Namaste:


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MH will be similar to HPS at 1000w. If you can raise them up, it'll help like dialing watts down.

You can take cuttings and/or flower anytime now I think - but don't take cuttings if they are struggling. Cuttings should only be taken from healthy plants... But they don't need to be perfect. If they've perked up under t5s you should be golden.

I just trash my males unless I have one I want to use for breeding - but breeding is probably better tackled with a little more experience under your belt etc.

Hope that helps - sorry for not getting back to you sooner. :)
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