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Now those are Bales :-)


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Now that I'm at Mom's and have access to some of my old photo's
I can tell this one and show the pics :3:

There we were,
hangin' in the wheelhouse after lunch,
listenin' to the Shrimpers on the VHF,
just killin' time before we went back to chippin' and paintin'.
When we heard a couple captains/Shrimpers talkin' about seein' stuff floatin' off Rebecca shoal.
Not two minutes later the Cheif came runnin' down the dock yellin' about Gettin' ready to Get UnderWay.
We were in Charlie Status,
we weren't suppose to have to go Anywhere
and the boat was pretty much a mess.
Took us about 15 minutes to get the loose stuff off the deck and on the dock.
Just enough time for the Snipes to get the engines runnin'.
Another 15 minutes and we were headed out the Nor-West channel for the shoal.
The Group sent their new Fast Boat, FiberGlass V-hull with the Vet(twin 450 Chevy type) engines as well as a couple of 42 foot UTB's.
We got on scene and found 50-60Lb. bales floatin' everywhere.
The shrimpers were too smart to mess with them once we were on the way and I never heard if any of them loaded any before we got there
But I'm sure one or two did :3:

We recovered all total over 600 bales that day.
As well as a boat with 4 POBs(ppls On board)
turned out the operator was a Retired HitMan's son from Miami already under indicment for smugglin' 'Ludes up from Columbia.

Half the load
<img src="https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/kw_bales-small.jpg" />

Oh yeah, I just couldn't resist :3:
<img src="https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/chuck_KW_bales-small.jpg" />

Another one of me standing guard on the prisoners ...
oh damn, I forgot to upload it.


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He just sat there smilin' and wavin', sittin' on that sack o' seaweed...lookit dat young stud...lol

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^he does look in the prime of his life. I love that pic where he is chilling on the bales. Oh for the halcyon days of our youth.

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^How true! Brother Mago is a wicked, wicked stoner of the first order. I think that is why we get along so well, apart from the fact that we are both smugglers. There is a bond among smugglers that most folks will ne'er understand.


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He just sat there smilin' and wavin', sittin' on that sack o' seaweed...lookit dat young stud...lol

Thanks Y'all,
can't see it But that's a Liberated bud between my fingers :3:
We only got a taste of that one
since it was daylight during the whole time.

On another note,
my last trip to the VA in Cinci,
the Xray tech thanked me for my service.
I told him "ah hell, Carter never invaded anybody.
I'm just a vet of the Drug War, both sides."

He replied "Some of us thank you for what you didn't get."

All I could do was Smile :3:

Long Live the Black BrotherHood!!!!


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And then there was the time,
we got called back to the boat for a hot tip.
That Happened a lot, be at the bar gettin' drunk and we'd call in.
Only to be told we had to get Underway and had been recalled.
Un-tied those boats drunk more than once.
We are all at mustar, Deck Apes on one side and Snipe(engineers) on the other, facing each other.
The Ol' man and Cheif tellin' us we were headed out to find a shrimper called the Dragon Wagon, 65 foot White Desco with blue trim.
Now one of my ship mates was a fellas we called Captain Space.
He had grownup in the Carolinas runnin' shrimp boats and
that was his nickname in the fleet. In those days the Carolina fleet came to fish out of Key West a few months out of the year.
I forget which months but probally the winter ones :3:
Due to this we spent time hangin' at the docks with the fellas he knew.

I looked over and said "Billy, that boats tied up ain't it. I swear I saw it when we were over there yesterday."
He replied he thought I was right.
So as it is my way to question everything,
I raised my hand and said "Ah, Chief, I'm pretty sure that boat is back at the dock."
and Billy backed me up.
The Ol'Man decided Billy should run out to Stock Island and see if it was still there.
Course it was, Billy returned about a half hour later and said it was there.
The Ol'Man and the Cheif went over to the Group to inform them.
They returned a few minutes later and gave the order to StandDown.
We doubled the lines back up, killed the engines
and we all went back to the bar :3:
Back in those days the Boca Chica bar never closed, even for hurricanes :3:


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Anglefish Creek, Ceasars Creek, Boynton Inlet, L.W. Inlet--those names ring any bells?
Sofla and the Keys in the old days!
Go back, go back oh time in thy flight
And make me a child again, just for tonight!
From booze to buds
to fresh citrus for nazi subs.
It has always been thus, my son.
From the sea, we came and to the sea, we must always return.
From Elliot Key to Homestead, or just down the I.C. waterway to where ever.
Me? Short bugs? Hell no, I believe in conservation and I have never touched a trap
that wasn't mine.
My old buddy who had a bar on Key Largo who said that the best investment he ever had was the condom machine in the Ladies room. He collected the money every week and never put rubbers in it and never got a complaint.
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not to counterdict myself in the beliefs in words/meanings, but dosent smuggling consist of somthing in the form of hidden? dont get me wrong i think this post is awsome and i think its great. just made me raise a curious eyebrow...not that i expect an answer....
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