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Well, after a very bad thorasic back surgery in 03, That leaves me with no feeling in my fingers, Legs that dont work right, and severe migraine headaches damn near daily, & a cabinet full of assorted narcotic prescriptions like methodone, oxy's, and shit like that I got denied disability because I collected unemployment to help support my family. I gave them 72 rejection letters from potential employers, all stated my condition would not allow me to hold a position with thier companies, & even the voc rehab lady at the hearing said I cant hold gainful employment when I miss an average of 2-3 days a week because of migraines that leave me unconcious. So what the hell am I suppose to do to support my family, I dont grow weed to sell, I grow it so I dont have to take 20 different narcotics everyday. What r we suppose to do when our own damn government doesnt even give a damn about its people. I guess I could just act like them, and start just TAKING anything I need, But if I do it its called stealing.. Ive paid into the disability justfor this type of situation, Im not asking for anything I havent paid in for. Not to mention the fact it took em 2 years just to get a hearing, which in the mean time you lose everything, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING you have. House, car, bikes, evrything gone.. Ive come to the conclusion, they want you to be as miserable as humanly possible, just so they can deny you again, and see how far they can push.. But then when people snap and shit happens, its all about, OH my, if only we couldve done something before this happened, or damn, he mustve been an unstable person. Its never, Oh shit, maybe we shouldnt have kept pushing em into a corner, and taking everything away..
Im trully thinking about writing a book on what Not to expect when filing for disability. Dont expect the gov. to care at all, dont expect to get a hearing in a timely fashion, dont expect to even hear from them or your attorney during the 2 year wait. then, Dont expect to actually get any help at all from anyone, including the assholes that say hey man, if you need anything at all just give us a call. we all know its nice to offer, but damnit, if you dont mean it, then dont say it. Sorry for the rant, but I figured a keyboard was a much better way to vent, than the other options. What ever happened to a government being there for its own people, ours just gives all our shit to everyone but US.. Anyway, thanx for letting me vent in a non violent way..


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Hey man, I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I don't understand how you don't qualify, there's all kinds of people around here that I know who are on disability, most of them gaming the system... They all had attorneys representing them the whole way through the process... Who paid for them I don't know, but it wasn't them.

Have you talked to a disability attorney? Depending on where you are there are probably several programs to help people in your situation, you just have to find someone that knows about them, possibily a social worker of some kind?

Not sure anything I said is going to help, just don't give up and do something out of frustration.:goodluck:


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Don't give up datripp. That's what they hope for. I went through the same thing after a neck and upper back surgery in 2005. I ended up with RSDS/CRPS. I got all my paperwork from the doctors and specialists and I applied for social security and I was denied. I went to an attorney who specialized in social security claims. It took one year for them to review my case. By the way, the lawyer sent the same doctors and specialists notes that I had used the first time. This time I received a letter from social security saying I had been approved. So it took 2 years from when I first applied, to get approved. Just so you know it is retroactive and the lawyers fee is taken out from that. If you don't get approved the lawyer doesn't make any money. Like you said, we work and pay into it and that's what its for. Don't give up.:goodluck:
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