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NT Police Say SA Is Main Marijuana Source

Lord Mong

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Northern Territory police say South Australia has become the major exporter of marijuana to the Territory.

Police earlier this week seized 36 kilograms of dried, vacuum-packed marijuana being driven to Darwin from Adelaide.

NT police say it is the biggest marijuana bust in years, and they are trying to catch more people involved.

They say the marijuana could have sold for up to $3 million.

Police Superintendent Peter Gordon says in the past many bush crops of marijuana were grown in the NT, but now the supply is mostly from hydroponic crops from interstate.

"I would say 99.9 per cent of the cannabis coming into Darwin from the southern states is from South Australia," he said.

He says that is partly because of less stringent enforcement in SA, particularly of people who have one or two plants.

SA police are yet to respond.

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