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Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2017
ok so here is my black domina tht i started out in a one gallon milk jug lol uppotted to a 3 gallon pot today then she will be going into a ten gallon for a final home but i dont quite got enuf room for that onr yet so while she is getting set into this pot ill finish whats in my veg tent and move them onto to flower then she should be ready by then to go into a 10 gallon for alil bit more veg time to get settled into the new pot then i will flip she should be nice and big and hopefully will fill up my veg tent by the time i flip or well thats the plan anyway lol here she is in her first pot the milk jug


and then now her she is after being uppoted to a 3 gallon pot oh also ill be posting pics of her and a few others im doing in sunshine mix #4 and mgo nutes (mighty grow organics) in my journal mighty grow organic madness its one of my current journals i have going but yea feel free to stop by if u got the time i cant wait to get a better grow spot so i can do even bigger better plants lol

Nice bro she's trained to a good shape and has a thick stalk and branches, she's going to go big when u transplant her into a bag with the diapers .

Perfect candidate man.


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ok so would the diaper mess up the organic nature of my grow or do they have all organic diapers lmao haha cause on some of my girls i use a los mix would they be fine with the diaper i jus dnt want as it starts to break doen it to hurt my soil in anyway or like my blk. dom. u seen i have her in sunshine mix #4 and use mighty grow organic nutes the diaper wouldnt hurt that in any way would it??
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