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I just bought some Number 1 synthetic urine by Puck Technologies. The lady at the smoke shop swore by it. I have read a few reviews on the internet that said it works. However, the lady at the smoke shop said Puck got raided by the Feds recently. I have a pre-employment pee test on Tuesday. There isn't any way the lab would know it was synthetic when they tested it would they? The only reason I ask, and I know I am probably just being paranoid, is because since the Feds busted Puck Tech, I wondered if they would make public to drug testing facilities the "recipe" for Puck's synthetic urine. I didn't want to use it and fail or anything. HELP!!

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When puck technologies and many others were raided last year during the ongoing operation "True test" that got little to no mention as apposed to operation head hunter and pipe dreams that sent tommy chong to jail . They stole there products and customer info and at one location a thousand books that were the "Tales from the i chong. " (pre release) They didn't get the recipe, that belongs to the chemist not even the people at puck have it and they are not on site. Now listen to this people.

synthetic urine is on the next list of what they will try and stop .

There is two kinds of synthetic. Concentrated and liquid . the liquid is a copy of the fluid they use to calibrate the testing equipment and the powder is a bit more sophisticated.The liquid doesn't have any piss smell and has a vitamin fake color. now it also doesn't create a head like when you piss. They see a flat sample in the cup,..They smell it , and ive heard from a couple of testees they they dump it.

The powder like (same chemist that made puck possible) has a piss smell and even the "Head" so it is not indistinguishable from the real stuff (aside from white blood cells it is piss).

So you should be fine until they find a way to justify making it a normal thing to ask techs to smell peoples piss.
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