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Nun of Those Bad Habits


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Residents of a nunnery in Greece were nun the wiser to con men cultivating a crop of cannabis in their garden.

Two men posing as gardeners for the elderly nuns turned a Greek Orthodox nunnery into a marijuana plantation.

Officers received a tip-off to raid the nunnery in the village of Filiro, near the northern port city of Thessaloniki, where they found more than 30 large cannabis plants in the enclosed garden, Reuters reports.

"Two unknown men had told the two elderly nuns in the nunnery they would like to help them with the garden and then proceeded to plant the cannabis," a police official said.

"The nuns did not know what they were and assumed they were large decorative plants," he said.

Police did not arrest the nuns and have launched a hunt for the culprits.

As unusual as the fit may be, nuns and marijuana have been in the headlines before.

In 2004, NORML News announced that Suzanne Aubert, the first person known to cultivate cannabis in New Zealand for medicine was on the road to being made a saint.

Mother Mary Joseph ( Suzanne ) Aubert - a French nun - founded the Sisters of Compassion mission at Hiruharama/Jerusalem, and concocted medicinal brews of cannabis hemp to ease the nun's menstrual pains as well as to help asthmatics and recovering alcoholics.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (Australia)
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Thanks PFlynn, it sure is nice to hear nice news in this world lost in the haze of smoke created by bombs of war.
Humanity has been killing each other for Millenia, ganja has been around a long time, everyone, roll a dube, spark it up and breath in one of the most magical experiences ever that has come from the stars, it's all inside your imagination, then create your kingdom.:bong:
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