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Nute burn or Deficiency? Help!


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I cant tell if my plants have a deficiency or have burn. The plants are about 4-5 weeks old and as you can see the lower leaves are turning yellow/brown and getting crunchy, but the upper leaves look fairly healthy. I supplemented my FF happy frog with an extremely modest amount of (1/4 cup)kelp meal, (1/2 cup)bone meal and (1/4 cup)blood meal in 1 cu ft. I fed them once a few weeks ago with 1ml/gal foliago pro. I haven't added any nutrients besides that one feeding.. now I'm not sure if there is a deficiency of some sort or if they are being burned due to the soil being too hot or the dose of nutes they received.

I have looked at posts trying to diagnose the problem myself but haven't been able to come to any conclusions I am confident with. Hopefully someone with a little more experience can give me their opinion. I am just worried if they are burned of making them worse by trying to treat a deficiency.
Please let me know what you think!



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Looks like burn to me too and here are some troubleshooting guidelines that I follow for your reference:

Is only one leaf affected? Yes = Invaders (bugs, mold, mildew), No = continue

Are leaves clawed, puffy or bumpy? Yes = Over Watering, No = continue

Are the leaves droopy, thin and curled under? Yes = Heat stress from light, No = continue

Is the plant growth stunted and leaves/tips yellowing? Yes = Nute Burn, No = continue

Is there any purpling cupping or folding leaves? Yes = Mg deficiency (purpling is also an early indication of over watering)

Are leaves drooping but still flat with no discoloration and media is dry? Yes = not enough water, No = continue

Are leaves drooping and media wet? Yes = sudden wilt, so sorry for your loss

Note that a few random leaves dying is perfectly normal and at about week 6 - 8 in flower you should see more leaves start dying off which is normal. Prior to weeks 6 - 8 any more than a few random leaves is a problem.

Micro def - show at top of plant first (rare, if you have micro deficiency you probably over watered and damaged roots except in the case of Mg which is the most common micro def)

Macro def - shows at bottom first (N is most common Macro def especially in early flower - refrain from dropping the N until after the stretch)

Too Many Nutes - shows at the leaf tips first

Too Few Nutes - pales from the bottom upward (typically N deficiency but also can be attributed to not enough light, for example when using CFL or incandescent)
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