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Nute burn or deficiency? - pics included


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Hey guys,

My girl is at day 34 of flowering, and about a week ago she starting showing browning tips on the older leaves, as well as small, dark brown spots. It's not appearing on the upper, newer leaves, so I doubt it's heat stress. The worst of it seems to be happening on the older fan leaves, although small brown tips are starting to happen on the smaller leaves, as well as some curling.

I'm thinking it's either nute burn or calcium or magnesium deficiency. It's hard to tell because calcium and mag deficiency symptoms are quite alike (or so I thought). I'm using "bloom" bat guano mixed in with water for nutes at the moment. The pH is just under 7, and the soil is promix mixed with worm castings and some kelp meal. Like I said she's been fine until about a week ago. I don't know if these symptoms are normal at this point in her life due to lack of nitrogen, or if it's something I should worry about.

Any ideas?
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The lack of the leaves curling upward into a "boat" shape leads me to believe it is a calcium deficiency rather then a magnesium deficiency. :peace:


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Alright guys, thanks for the help. I mixed 1 tsp of Epsom salt into a gallon of water and basically did a heavy watering. We'll see how she looks tonight after 12 hours :)
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