Nute Burn or Light Burn on New growth


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yes and no.. on the first node, the leaves looked like they wanted to be 3 leafs, but they were kinda deformed.. then yes i really missed missed and screwed that fim up, and that is now were most of the deformity is.. it's funny, it kinda looks like something is eating the leaves.. i know there not... lol the 4 way is junk i think.. cause even after i watered fed and ph'd the runoff it stated that my soil was still 7.0.. but my water runoff was 6.0-6.5. when i did inspect her this morning tho.. i did see some thing new.. these aren't pistols are they.. they just popped up last night..

the last pic is a correct top i did 2 days ago.. the new main stems are coming in nicely.. now to just fix the rest of the problems.. lololol
thanks again for all the help.. rockstars.. each and every one of you..


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WOOHOOO she's still alive.. lol hahaha no no no nothing serious has happened.. i did, however wake up to the most potent smell yet. smelled like i had weed growing or something... so last night i decided i was going to dive deep into LST. i have some butchers twine i will be using. Now since i figure i'm about 1/3 thru veg, i figure this is a great time to start playing..
after the little girl woke up this morning, i was very surprised to see the humidity in the 60% range.. it did rain this morning but i haven't seen it that high since i've started this grow. i hope the little girl enjoyed it this morning

SO the pics.. first of the LST job i'm starting..

only 2 strings to start leanering her..


this is around the her 3rd from the top node

Now this did seem strange to me.. looks like something is eating my baby.. i don't know tho.. any ideas..

any comments are so welcomed.. i tried to get a few more shots of the nodes were the stipules are..


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Any time you have a problem, always check the PH of your growing medium first. If the PH is ok, then you know it's most likely a nutrient deficiency. If your PH is too high/too low, fix the PH, and make sure you maintain a good PH for a few days and see if the problem stops, or if it continues to advance.

If you've fixed your PH, and the problem keeps advancing further, it's usually a simple nute deficiency, and by simply feeding it usually stops the problem within 24 hours.


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Hey antics thanks for all the help man.. i have a journal if you want to subscribe.

SO yesterday i bet her over.. and SHE LOVED IT!!! after she woke up this morning her second and third nodes extended SO much.. I bet her over jusssst alittle bet more so i can really keep a low profile, and veg her longer.. the new growth looks amazing. great color, non deformed leaves, really stretching to hit that light. I re-designed the cabinet lighting as i added a 65 cfm 4" computer fan for circulation in the cab. I changed the lighting, and added tin foil to make a hood. I'm using a small low power computer fan to vent the hot air from the hood. it's working very well. before the temps were in the 81-82 range with lights on and 76 without, now there 77-78 with lights on and 74 without. gotta love that.. So everything is working nice. getting the funds together to finish the flower cab and the exhast ventalition. i need around another $60 bucks. So far i've spent $65 so i'm not doing so bad.

Now on saturday when i topped her, i used to topping to try to create a clone. i cut at 45 degree and dipped the stem in rootech gel. then into very moist FF. one looks to be dying and the other, well 2 of the leaves are folded over, but the main leave looks good. enclosed are pics for your comments.

the clones (first time ever hahaha)

humidity dome

from the top. you can see 5 top stems pushing thru..

the last 3 are of the LST i'm doing.. comments??

the ghetto foil hood, with hood exhaust and new circulation fan

you see the clone in the corner, not in direct light, but in the warm corner of the cab..

So this is what i got going on.. Nothing major to report other then lots of growth, which we love... i'm planning on topping again in the next few days, but i want to get a solid top, so i can clone for sex.. any comments are much welcomed!!!


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Everything (other than the foil :)) looks good. :high-five:

One thing you could try, maybe start tying some of the branches down and get them to spread out a bit. That will make future LST'ing or cuttings a little longer and maybe easier to work with. But you can also just be patient and wait. :)


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i know the foil is bad, and i think with it i'm having to keep my lights and extra .5 to 1" farther away from the plants to insure there are no hot spots.. it works for now.. this is a very VERY cheap grow.. so the foil works for now.. lol

Any comments on the clones?

Spimp i have a journal that i would love for you to subscribe too... this is going alot better then i anticipated.. i'll be constructing the flower cab under the veg cab. so that way i can veg and flower at the same time.. so please subscribe and keep up with me there..

THANKS again for the input.. please please.. keep it coming..


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You're welcome.

I don't comment on Clones yet. Not until they root.
As one of the OG member's of the Dead Clone Society, my advice is useless... until its not. :tokin:
I will be over to the journal shortly.
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