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Nute Burn problems! Help!


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I'm a new grower, growing under a 250W cfl in coco coir medium and a 160x80x80 grow tent. Plant is around 3 1/2 weeks old and has been going great until I noticed, what I have diagnosed as nute burn, a couple of days ago. I have flushed the crap out of it as advised, but unsure where to go from here. How long to wait until I feed it more nutrients??? Do I wait until it completely drys out??? The medium is still damp 2 days after flushing and don't want to over water. Also the new sprouts at the top are a little off colour and curly, is that normal? Any info would be appreciated


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Hope those pics are ok. Best I could get. As you can see the leaves are curling up and brown burnt edges. It's hard to see in the pictures but the new spouts are also curling up


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It doesn't look badly nute burned to me. It's a bit hard to see from the pics though. The curled leaves are probably from heat stress and maybe it's bleached a bit at top from being to close to the lights- though again it could be just the photo (the bleached look I mean). Check your temps and lighting distance.
You can't overwater with coco as far as I know. It's too fluffy and aerated for that.
Normal practice after flushing is to feed half strength next time, then if things don't worsen, up the nutes a bit from there. But like I said I don't see a huge overfeeding problem. Some of the leaves look a bit clawed from too much N, but it's not as bad as many plants that turn up here. Lowering the nutes a little should fix that. If someone else want to contradict me I certainly won't mind at all! Also I'm looking at the pics on an old scratched up phone screen so that hardly helps.
The spots lower down are probably from spilling nutrient solution on the leaves.
Some of the off- color could be ph issues too. What ph are you feeding and watering with?


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it is not nutrient burn it looks like iron problem ph is very unbalance in coco and u need adjust your watered ph in every watering did u do ? i stop growing in coco anymore after kill some plant i had problem just like this picture white leaves in new grows its iron problem.
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