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Nute burn / Yellow leaf / nute definency?low pH? flushing?


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Hey, here is some info for a proper analysis. The yellowing of the leaves started prior to me adding the nutes, but have gotten "worse" and spread to the rest of the plants.

Stage : Day 30 (from seed)
Light Schedule : 18 / 6
Transplanted into 3.75 L pots. (2 weeks ago Day 15)

Temp :

22 - 25 celsius
humidity : 30 - 50 %

Lights :

1x 90 W UFO LED (80 red 10 Blue)
2x 18 W LE 1350 lumen (827 color)
2x 15 W LE lights

Ventilation (PC fans):

2x exhaust fans 120 mm
2x intake fans 120 mm
2x intake fans 90 mm

Seeds :

2x indica / vanilla kush (afghan x Kashmir) feminized
2x Indica / Cheese - (skunk x hindu kush) feminized

Soil and pot :

3.75 litre pots (15x15x20 cm) (for vegg/flowering)

Soil mix :

55 % (regular soil, low on fertilizers and nutrients)
30 % Perlite
15 % Vermeculite
NPK (soil) : 14-7-15
PH : 6.0 - 7.0

Size of Grow room :

Width : 70 cm
Height : 90 cm
Depth : 35 cm
Your medium:

nutrients and water:
Water : Tap, PH 6.5
Checked water with drops and color map.

Nutrients :

BIO BIzz / Bio Grow / Bloom
Grow : ½ ml / liter (started adding week 4 from seed)
Havent started with the Bloom yet. but I am going to start adding ½ ml/l
week 6 and upping the dose to 1 ml / L when I start flowering in a few weeks.

So this is the first week im running nutes into the water, I added ½ ml / L water of bio grow, according to the nutrient table biobizz has, it said to add 1 ml / L im using half the dose.

The yellowing of the leaves and nute burns had occured prior to me adding nutes, but seems like it has started to spread, a few leaves have died off as well.

What could the problem be? Should I stop with the nutes? could it be something else? should I flush? and start over with the nutes? Could the pots be too small?

Here are the pics :


and here is a link to my grow journal if that might help...

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thank you for the help! ;)


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Thank you for all the replies :)

New2Growin91 - Yeah I did flush them, haven't added any nutes yet since I thought that the cause of the leaves turning yellow/brown was due to a nute burn.

Maer : yeah ... I'm LST them ... They are in week 5 now from seed and I don't have a lot of space for them, the LST seems to be working quite well.

I'll be adding a little bit of nutes next week just to see if there might be a deficiency ... I'll keep posting new photos in my journal here


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oh ... the strings are the same type of fabric as shoe strings, they are elastic ...
the smaller oval shaped strings or wires are regular rubber wire cut from a AC power supply, if that makes any sense ...
I don't think that the strings are causing these problems, but then again ... they might ..
I'll flush the plants again in a few days and add ½ ml / L bio bizz grow and ½/L bloom to see if I'll see any changes ..
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