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Nute Def

CantKeepMe V

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Plants are all different bag seed, so that explains the irregularities..

Environment is perfect.. 40-60% humidity @ 70-83 degrees with 700ish average co2 ppm.

Under a 290w --- spectra LED

Run off ph was around 5.8 last watering when I checked.. will check again this time. I'm thinking of adding 2g of hydrated lime per gallon of water (my water is 6.6ph @ 90-110 ppm.. it's half tap and half dehuey water.

I am using roots soil with subcool supersoil in the bottom. The soil did not have a chance to bake for 30 days like suggested so I am thinking that the ph just hasnt balanced yet.

Plants are pretty old to say the least, they've been defoliated once from the first round of nutrient burn. I am just trying to learn from these junkers, the good genetics are under the t5 as I speak. :bravo:

Thanks for any help.

Captain Kronic

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I wouldn't say it's a "nute deficiency" looks more to me like nute burn. It could be too that using Sub Cools recipe w/o letting it cool that the bottom soil is too hot still and burning the roots.
Might be wise to flush them out w/some PH'd water and then maybe see how they do over the next few days, then work them back up w/a light dose of nutes.


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Over fed, Very Common! give em water only for a week and cut your nutes in half at least! keep cutting back until the tips quit burning up. The plants can only use so much nutrients, if you over load them it just poisons them.

Hope this helps.;)

CantKeepMe V

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Thanks for the input.

On one of the plants I am getting leaves that spirals or curls in a counter clockwise twirl. The leaf isn't turning upside or twisting, it is spiraling.
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