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Nute deficiency?

Capn Kush

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Strain - Unknown Indica
# of Plants - 2
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Vegetative
Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Smart Pot
Lights - (1) 1600 WATT TOP LED (22" inches away from top of plants)
Nutrients - Fish Blish
Medium - Vermisoil
PPM - Unmeasured
PH - ~6.8
RH - 60 to 85%
Room Temperature -74
Solution Temperature -N/A
Room Square Footage - 16' x 5'
Pests - None

Thanks for looking; this is my first grow and I've been wresting with temperatures up until about a week ago. The room had been at 85 degrees and 35% humidity. I've addressed both issues and it's been stable for about a week now. I had obvious heat/humidity stress, but this seems to be different.

Thus far, I've only fed Fish Bliss one time, thinking I was having a Nitrogen def.

Thanks in advance!

Capn Kush

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How long have you had the plants under the led light?

How old are the plants?

Picture of the plant itself helps much more.

Sorry, I was on my way out of town and didn't have time to get the lights to where I could take clear pictures of the plants themselves.

These two plants have been under this light for 25 days. They were under T12 tubes for a couple weeks prior.

The plants were originally outdoors before given to me. They were clones that had been rooted, then planted outdoors. I'd say they are three months old by now, moved insite about 45 days ago and were only a foot tall at that time.


Capn Kush

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Just to close this out for anyone that might come upon it in a search, I did one feeding with the following and the problem cleared up immediately:

Nectar for the Gods Poseidonzime
Nectar for the Gods Aphrodites Extraction
Nectar for the Gods Demeters Destiny
Bioag TM-7

I then did a foliar feeding of Nectar for the Gods Poseidonzime + Hygeia Hydration and SUPERthrive every day for several days. Problem cleared up.

I think there was a combination of issues at hand and that's why these symptoms didn't match up with any of the guides on the forums.
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