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nute ?'s


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I am flowering at the mo. I am useing 85 watt cfl, 1 blue and 1 red. I'm odering another red. But in the mean time I have set up a friend with some clones and they are looking good so far. But to get to my ?'s....

My nute solution suggest's to change every 2 weeks. When I started flowering I changed to bloom nutes and then 1 week later I had to expand my GR. And when i did that I changed the nutes and water at the same time. So should I stick to this or should I just go with the directions???? I would think that a 2 week solution is only good for about 8-10 days. so I might just stick to changing every 7-8 days. Any sugestions???????

Oh yeah, I will get some new pics up soon, of flowers and my clones in the ne set up
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