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Nutes at Every Watering?


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With the nutrient feeding schedules the manufacturers publish, are they talking weekly, every other day, daily or what? For example, the manufacturer of the A & B coco nutrient I'm using says 3.5 ml per litre. So should I be feeding at that rate with every watering, or just once a week and using plain pHed water the rest of the time? I'm watering every 24-36 hours at the moment.


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nutes every watering , if you are doing a drain to waste you want 10% run out at the pot lower openings is what I shoot for start slow add strength of % to rise as the plants get bigger
small plants get watered once a day
1/2 thru a grow it might go to 2 watering
& right now at full bulking up of the buds & the local heat I'm watering 3 x a day
GH FloraNova line & some other additives


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Cool. thanks guys. Not sure why, but I had trouble with my pH. Runoff was always around 5.2, even after a huge flush. Nute burn and Mg lockout if I went above half strength every other watering. Oh well, started the two week flush this week. Gonna try ------------ next time round.


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What was your pH when you watered?! 5.2 is WAY too low. The roots are burned and no nutrients are used. 5.5 and above. For me, the magic number is usually 5.6-5.8 for 2000+ppm feedings. Nutrients every feeding with no issues.

If growing in coco, a week flush is good. 2 weeks is overkill plus you lose a couple feedings.

Take a look at my logs if you'd like. Much love and respect. You should post a couple pictures of the ladies :)


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I've been growing in coco for three years. This run, I am using pure coco, no perlite.

I water every day with 1000-1200ppm of Flora Nova for both vegging and flowering plants.

I always make sure I have some run off. Every now and again, like maybe two weeks, I water the shit out of them with same 1000ppm. I also add 1mL of cal mag plus to ever gallons of water, every time I water. WHen I don't do this, because I use r/o water, I get mg-cal def.

You can check my White Widow X Big Bud and Incredible Bulk grow to see the results. The WWxBB buds are huge right now and they still have until 12-6 to finish. I mean, they are large forearm fat.

I think environment is most important. I use a few thermometers around the room to get a general idea of room temp. I keep it below 80. I use a dehumidifier and keep it at 55.

I use a co2 tank, 20 pound one. I keep it on a timer and barely turn it on so that my co2 levels go rise and drop between 800-1100 during light hours.


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When I hand watered with coco in airpots I checked the ph of my run off and it was around 6.4 so no when I mix my nuets I ph my water at around 5.5 then when I tested my run off it was around 5.8 to bang on 6.0 which is perfect I think. Never had no problems. Thing you need to remember is to add mag and cal as coco lacks in this unlike soil. And coco will build up salts so I'd say maybe once every week or 2 maximum I'd give a good flush. I like to use like a flushing agent such as drip clean or flush from plant magic to my nuets as this helps prevent salt build up in your coco or soil also helps clean your dripper pipes or any feeding equipment used. It's always good to use as it helps make the plant use any left over nuets lieing about left in the soil or coco.
Hope this helps buddy


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Oh sorry Yeh I think they should be added every watering. Just remember every week or 2 to flush and you should be good to go pal.
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