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Nutes: What To Use & How To Use Them Tutorial


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anyone familiar with Hy-Pro nutes? I was given samples of their Root Stimulator and Spray Mix. I've been using the root stimulator on my 3 week old seedlings every other watering at half strength. It's labeled as 0-0-1.2 so it's pretty mild to begin with. The Spray Mix seems more sketchy to me on account of the bad things I've heard about foliar feeding so I haven't used it yet. It is 0-0-2


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I would begin your flush 10-14 days before harvest to allow your plant to use up stored nutrients.
Hi KingJohnC,
now that Miracle grow has an organics soil on the market, I'm growing vegies in it, now would you find that flushing or residual chemicals will still linger in the food or smoke. I read/sifted through this journal/blog looking for anyone else who may have used the MG organics and didn't find anything.
Also I bought FFOF but they have a lot of gnats in the soil and Im going to have to get H2O2 to remove them so they don't kill my root systems. I've added sand to the soil which reduced them in my lettuce but still one head is really struggling to grow and my Kale and Collard seedlings have been eaten up. (lil suckers)
This concerns me because I planted potatoes, beets, and carrots as well and the larvae love roots and these are root veggies.

back to the Slow release nute issue>> if hemp would be harsh to smoke what does that mean about the food Im growing.
I'm not sure what you may mean by harsh - I presume potential throat burning or residual chemical bonds that would render the plant bad or dangerous maybe.

I'm not new to growing veggies am new to growing Cannabis. Never really noticed past taste issues But as the issue of organics has become popular over the past 10+years, I wanted to ask.
Digress> I have friends in the food industry who of course tell me to be careful growing my own food - I could get sick from it. HAHAHa - I'm like Uh ok, I haven't had to add pesticides to the food, I am not using industrial/commerical bone meals etc which carry salmonella and mad cow diseases etc.. so how am I making myself sick

I apologize to anyone who may be offended talking about foods - I realize this is a Cannabis site. Yet cannabis is a tricky plant to grow - Mastering the ability to grow this plant would help my understand other plants better.
If bothered, think like this, what am I gonna do when I get the munchies from smoking - if I have no food to munch on.

Has anyone studied or trialed the MG organics soil?
What are results/problems/concerns?
Would slow release be part of this soil type?
Is it comparable to foxfarms or Happy frog soils?
What do you mean by harsh regarding cannabis and slow release nutrients?

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There are 2 Miracle Gro Organic Choice potting soils the 1st Miracle-Gro Organic Choice™ Garden Soil 0.10 - 0.05 - 0.10 that specifically says

Where Not to Use

Do not use in pots or containers
the 2nd Miracle-Gro® Organic Choice Multi-Purpose Organic Plant Food 7-1-2

which formula is meant for vegetative growth and is not suitable for flowering without transplant to a larger size pot and a different growing medium.

I attempted to read what the components of the soil are but the Scotts Miracle Gro website does not have any listed for the 1st one and the link for the 2nd one does not work. I have no idea what is in Scotts Miracle Gro organic Choice potting soil or how suitable the soil may be.

When a cannabis plant is not flushed prior to harvest from the nutrients it is grown in a large amounts of chemicals remain in the cannabis when it is burnt and leave the buds foul and harsh tasting, hard to smoke as it cracks and pops as it burns. Any cannabis grown with slow release fertilizer will not be used up by the plant when it is flushed as it should normally when grown without time release fertilizer.

http://www.scotts.ca miracle-gro-organic-choice-garden-soil

http://www.scotts.ca miracle-gro-organic-choice-plant-food


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two quick questions :
1- should i water my plant before fertilizing or it's better when the soil is dry ?
2- after fertilizing should I water the soil or should i leave the fertilizer drys out itself?


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I am growing a couple blue mammoth autos, in cheap potting soil, under CFLs & a 90 watt LED panel indoors. The lights are on an 18/6 cycle. Do I need to add nutes? I have some liquid Schultz 5-15-5, would that work? The plants are just over a week old?


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I found these 2 at the local hardware store. They are not exact ratios, but would they be close enough?
Plant food 28-10-10 \ 2 = 14-5-5
Liquid Plant Food 2-7-7 x 2 = 4-14-14

If you do not add any nutrients it is probable that your plant will have deficiency's and result in very small amount of yield. for vegetative growth you will want a fertilizer with a similar ratio for N-P-K 10-5-5 and for flowering you will need a fertilizer with a similar ratio N-P-K 5-10-10. I would use the vegetative fertilizer until your plant develops white pistils then switch to flowering fertilizer.


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i've got a question,

i've seen organic liquid fertilizer in my hardware store that suggests foliar feeding

can i use foliar fertilizer and just treat it as regular liquid fertilizer and use it on roots? (pouring it in my soilless mix?)


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My brother and I ar in our first year of growing, we are using the following;
Soil: Super Soil from Evert Michigan
Beastie Bloom: 1/4-1/2 tbsp. per gal 2 times wkly. 0.5-3-0
Open Sesamie: 1/4-1/2 tbsp. per gal 2 times wkly. 5-45-19
Veganic Special Sauce-(microbial tea) 2 times wkly. 0.75-2.15-2.10
Chaching 1/4-1/2 tbsp. 2 times wkly. 9-50-10
Sorghum Molasses:2Tblsp per gal 2 times wkly.
1000 watt high spectrum bulb 12/12 flowering 24/7 veggin
Ph; 6.5
75-78deg F/ humidity low- med.
should we b going by the fox farms sched.? and are we over or under nuten them? Right now we are getting small yields, small buds, we aren't positive but were told the clones we got are purple kush and blue cheese, I know first mistake not knowing your weed kind, I ordered seeds from the vendors here as 420 so I know what will be in the room from here on out,
Thanks for any information keep tokin :thanks:


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I uses the A/N PH Perfect Micro, Grow, & Bloom. This was recommended by the guy at the local hydro store. Told me to mix 4ml of each per liter of water. I did this yesterday afternoon, this morning they are starting to droop, will they recover?
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