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Nutrient addition?

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The good ones

Pretty vague questions. Lot more info to your story that we need to help you

Good luck my friend
I germinated my seeds an have now put them in jiffy pods under light. They’ve started to grow and have been planted for 5 days now. I believe I add nutrients at 3 weeks but not sure if that’s correct and what to buy for nutrients. They are planted Indoor grow tent

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Media, dirt, Coco???
pH water??
Country u live in

Have you reasearched growing cannabis?
Autos need to go from seed to final pot, so they need to be planted soon


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Like Chris mentions, more info as for what you are going to plant them in is useful. My Step By Step Auto Grow (link in signature) might be a good place to start for basic reading. They were also started in Jiffy plugs. If you haven't picked a growing medium yet, ProMix is normally fairly easy to come by at local hardware stores. It does retain more moisture than Coco which is good and bad. The good, you water less frequently, the bad, for inexperienced growers, you can over water it. 3 to 5 gallon pots are recommended for your autos. I like fabric grow bags myself. If you choose something as simple as 5 gallon buckets from a home store, make sure you drill some holes in the bottom for drainage or you risk root rot. The number of plants and growing space will probably influence the size you choose. Go with the biggest you can get away with in your space. As far as choice in nutrients, that's like asking if you prefer dogs or cats. It will be a highly contested topic. If you want something basic and on the inexpensive side to get started, you can try: Dyna Gro Foliage Pro and Dyna Gro Pro Tekt. You'll also need a pH pen and some pH down. I consider the first day above ground as Day 1. Assuming you choose a medium like ProMix or Coco with no nutrients in it, from:

Day 1-7, feed 1/4 tsp Foliage Pro, 1/4 tsp Pro Tekt
Day 8-14, 1/2 tsp Foliage Pro, 1/2 tsp Pro Tekt
Day 15-21, 3/4 tsp Foliage Pro, 3/4 Pro Tekt
Day 22 through a week from finish, 1 tsp Foliage Pro, 3/4 tsp Pro Tekt
Last week, refer to days 8-14.

pH all feed mixtures to 6.2ish. Feed every time you water, based on the age and schedule above.

The little 8 oz bottles of Foliage Pro and Pro Tekt will probably last a whole grow (assuming 4 plants) although the quart bottles are a better value.
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