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Nutrient burn or Magnesium Deficiency?


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Just another noob here.
I appreciate any help


Strain - 3 AK 48 (top) and 2 White Widow
# of Plants - 5
Grow Type - Hydro
Grow Stage - Vegetative . 20 days old
Setup - Ebb & Flow
Light - 31000lux T5
Nutrients - Local brand
Medium - Grodan Rockwool
PPM - 550
PH - 5,8
RH - 60% to 75%
Room Temperature -78 to 83


it started 4 days ago, first I thought it was an ph issue but now i don´t know. any ideas??:thanks:


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nute burn 100% amigo flash your lady asap
go4snypr said:
yup, flush with straight water, then start with about half that strength for a week or two then bump it up
Thanks ! they are getting worst , should have done this before!

after i flush how much time i need to wait to start with half strength nutes? its just wait until the rockwool dry out a bit (next day)???

:thanks: !!!
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